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Codex Wildest Dreams

or even better “Warlocks can be converted into infinite damage with Macciatus, Dreamscape, -1/-1 runes and some Plague lords”.

hmm, no it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it does it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Infinite damage for your opponent doesn’t count. My point was that you can play Demonology without triggering the infinite damage from the Demonology player. Ok Demonology and disease and +1 runes can’t all be together, but Demonology isn’t immediately disqualified.

No but both of us run truth (as increasing all of his units health by 1 with Macciatus massively increases the number of -1/-1 runes I can apply and hence the amount of damage my 4 plague lords deal, and me having truth doubles the number of plague lords I have). therefore him having warlocks give me infinite damage (they each have 1 -1/-1 rune). and me having warlocks gives me infinite damage (they are 1/2s)

I should probably state that list is made with the assumption i am going for a [Disease] Truth X gameplan

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My solution to “most damage to opponent’s infinite health base within one turn, given a fully cooperative opponent, unlimited setup, and no ability to deal infinite damage” follows:

We are Truth, Finesse, Present. Our opponent is Finesse, Discipline, Future.

We are going to maximize first the number of Grounded Guides we control, second the number of Star-Crossed Starlets we control, and third the total number of units we control, and then attack with everything.

The steps are as follows:

Play Everything

Both players can destroy their first Tech Lab and build a new one, allowing all units in both Codices to be played. Also, there are plenty of spells to worker, allowing you to get up to 20 workers, and just never worry about money.

Steal Everything

One by one, Mind Control all of your opponent’s (targetable) units, then use Geiger’s max-band to trash it and return it to play permanently under your control. Attack Geiger into the opponent’s Tech III things that you can’t steal to re-set him each time.

[details=Make Everything a Mirror]With a sufficiently tiny deck, you can play Manufactured Truth, reshuffle and draw it (with, for example, Research and Development or even Geiger’s Mid-band) and play it again.

With the sequence:
Manufactured Truth turns XXX into a Mirror
Quince turns XXX (Mirror) into a Mirror
Manufactured Truth turns XXX (Mirror) (Mirror) into a Gilded Glaxx
At end of turn, Quince attempts to trash XXX, but cannot due to floating gold this event only happens once
Manufactured Truths wear off, leaving XXX as a Mirror indefinitely

XXX can be any Tech 0 or Tech 1 unit. Significantly, it can be the renewable Dancer tokens from Harmony

[details=Make as many Stingers as possible]Use up 2 mirrors permanently using Quince’s max-band to copy the two Hives

Turn all Stingers into Mirrors, per previous point.

Then, copy a Hive onto a Mirror using Quince’s mid-band, make 2 additional stingers, and use Manufactured Truth to make both of them into Gilded Glaxx. When the turn ends and the newest Hive is trashed, you control no Stingers to sacrifice. Later you can make the new stingers into Mirrors.

The (limit 5 per hive) does apply to these new mirrors, so you can’t make an infinite number of them, but you can have up to:
2 real Hives
2 max-band Hives
2 mirror-from-quince Hives
3 Dancer (Mirror) Hives - none of which cut into your reserve of mirror tokens.
In addition, you can use up 1 stinger (mirror) each cycle while still increasing the total number of stingers.

That means you can have 10 Hives in play, meaning you can have 50 stinger (mirror) tokens

Edit: you can also have two stolen dancers as replaceable hives, so we’re up to 60 stingers. This uses up all 20 gold, and requires using Geiger midband to re-draw MT.
Minus 1 stinger/mirror/Hive that gets trashed eot.

[details=Turn everything into Star Crossed Starlet]With each mirror, use Quince to make it a Star-Crossed Starlet, then use Manufactured Truth to make it a Gilded Glaxx until end of turn so it survives Quince’s trash effect.

Use the stolen Helpful Turtle to keep the Starlets alive until the lead-up to the final turn

[details=Lead-up]When everything else is complete, flicker the 4 Grounded Guides, making a permanent copy of them with Quince’s max-band.
Use a stolen Sparring Partner to put a +1/+1 rune on everything.
Play Dreamscape, so everything gets the Macciatus bonus
Convert the Helpful Turtle and Gilded Glaxx that have been saved into Mirrors (first copy the Glaxx onto a quince token)
Let all the Starlets accumulate as much damage as possible (2 hp + Macciatus + rune + 8 hp from Guides allows for 11 damage) edit: four of them can have 2 extra damage thanks to Two-Step
Steal 2 of the opponent’s Dancers with Mind Control (can’t blink them and keep them, so no infinite)

[details=Final Turn]In play you have:

59 stingers + 7 stolen tech 0 + 6 blue tech 0 + 24 tech 1 units + 5 dancers + 2 “real” mirrors = 103 mirrors
2 have been permanently turned into Hives
4 have been permanently turned into Grounded Guides
Make 10 more into Grounded Guides with Quince’s mid-band
The remaining 87 mirrors are all Star Crossed Starlets

Simply attack with everything, dealing:

Star Crossed Starlets - 87 * 52 ATK (3 + 2 + 182 + 11)
Grounded Guides - 18 * 23 ATK (4 + 2 + 17)
Macciatus - 1 * 23 ATK
Blademaster - 2 * 45 ATK (7 + 2 + 18

Hives, Reaver, Chronofixer - 8 * 20 ATK
WGD - 2 * 21 ATK
Maestro, Backstabber, Cloud Sprite, Leaping Lizard, Reteller, YLD, Xenostalker - 22 * 23 ATK
Spectral Roc, Focus Master, Hyperion - 6 * 24 ATK
Spectral Tiger, Liberty Gryphon, Immortal, Void Star - 8 * 25 ATK
Vigor Adept - 2 * 26 ATK
Octavious - 2 * 28 ATK
Tricycloid - 2 * 29 ATK (counting the 3 pings after attack)

Use a Quince attack to kill an opposing hero and max Geiger, flickering a Nimble Fencer and attack with the Fencer for an extra (2 + 1 + 18 *2) = 39 ATK
Geiger (3), River (3), 2x Two Step (8), and the 8 extra damage on Starlets the Two Steps allows comes to a bonus 22 damage.

Total of 6330 damage, 4524 of that from the Starlets alone.

Final result: 6330 damage


I don’t get this bit. How are you bypassing “Limit: 2”?
Admittedly I don’t get how you’re doing it at any part, but this one seems less complex.

Limit: 2 only applies to the ability that creates them, and only to tikens that were originally created as mirrors, regardless of their current form.

I’m so confused…


I like the idea you have for this.

Can you explain (double check, show the play sequence, etc) the following:

A.) How you gained control of the Mind-Parry Monks
B.) How you gained control of the Training Grounds
C.) Chronofixer Damage Calculation

Note: It looks like you should be able to use Two Step on the Star-Crossed Starlets for additional damage

I think part of the confusion here might be that it isn’t super widely known that Quince has been errata-ed to apply “Limit 2” to the number of Mirror Illusions he can have in total.

When you flicker the Nimble Fencer, does it go back to your hand?

Thanks for the notes - I didn’t look carefully at all the little details before posting. Corrections will be made.

@Jadiel - no, because Macciatus lets me target Illusions without them dying

This makes me want to use Blood. I’ll worker Pirate Gang Commander, and any other cards (for both players that would allow me to deal infinite damage).

That’s not the parameters of the challenge, though. If the combo of codicies could have been used to deal infinite damage, it’s not a valid entry.

Yeah, I know. Just seeing how many units you have makes me wish I could!

It seems weird to me to disallow by board rather than by card.

It’s also weird that some heroes allow infinite combos and those can stay in as long as you don’t do anything with them that is infinite in nature.

It’s like the goal is to go very nearly infinite, but not quite.

The combo you have will let you take an infinite number of things permanently, but that’s fine if they just can’t have an infinite number of things.

I may have found a flaw?

The Hives belong to your opponent who is playing future. In order to make permanent copies of the Hives, they would need to belong to you, the player with Quince.

When you flicker them with Geiger, they “arrive” and trigger Quince maxband.


Sure, here’s a puzzle I’m fond of: have all 3 heroes and all tech cards from your starter deck and codex in play simultaneously without ever hiring a worker. Assume a cooperative opponent.


As [Balance]/Present/Necromancy, over the course of many turns:

  • Recruit a tech 0 unit
  • Summon Master Midori
  • Cast Circle of Life to create a Gemscout Owl
  • Cast Circle of Life to create a $4 cost unit
  • Kill Midori in combat
  • Summon Max Geiger
  • Cast Temporal Distortion to create a Warp Gate Disciple
  • Kill Max Geiger in combat
  • Summon Garth Torken and have him start producing Skeleton tokens
  • Use Warp Gate Disciple to create a Skeletal Lord

From here on, at leisure:

  • Play all tech 0 cards
  • Use Warp Gate Disciple to create tech 1 and tech 2 units from codex
  • Use Blackhand Resurrector to resummon Midori and Geiger
  • Use Skeletal Lords to create tech 3 units from hand, as well as the sacrificed Resurrectors and any other units as desired

As every tech I, II, and III card in your codex is a unit, they can all be put into play using this method.

I assume you allow on-going spells to not be in play, as there is no way to get those “in play”


Black starter, Necro, Present, Feral.
Summon Garth, use Doom Grasp to kill himself
Build a Hero’s Hall to have Cal and Geiger in play together
Use Cal to bring out a Tiger
Use Temporal Distortion to turn it into a Warp Gate Disciple
Use the disciple to get a Skeletal Lord
Make 5 skeletons with Skeletal Summons
Use the Skeletal Lord ability to put all your tech units into play. Those specs luckily have no non-unit tech cards or Legendaries.
Use Blackhand Ressurector to gwt back Garth
Your opponent doesn’t need to do anything except not attack you.


Correct, that’s why I specified “tech cards” rather than just “cards”. I like your approach; it’s more efficient than mine, but:


You only got 2 heroes in play. Though I suppose if you start by using Doom Grasp to either kill Garth or Calamandra, you still don’t need the opponent to do anything.