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Codex Tracking Spreadsheet


Can I download a copy to my computer?
Whenever I do, it saves as xlsx without any macros or code


My experience with google docs is that the scripts are not able to be downloaded with the spreadsheet. There is a google sheets offline mode that might work. Download as excel is probably a no go though.


I’ve just started using this and I’ve messed something up.

I start a game and I’m dealt a hand. I can see the 5 cards in the “Hand” area of State tab.
But when I go to the Generate template tab, click “Generate”, these 5 initial cards appear under “Next Hand” and the “Current Hand” area is empty.

I tried copying a card into the “Worker” cell, and that card did appear under “Worker” in the generated text. But the rest of the initial cards are still missing… Weird.


If I had to guess, you did not use the discard draw function. This function is the end of turn and auto.atically generates the post. The generate function is there to assist with correcting mistakes and should generally not be needed.


Yes, I see now. It works as intended. Thanks a lot! For the fast reply and for the spreadsheet itself.


added a small update for FFA. There is now a place to mark the next player name in turn order, and it will automatically add a tag to notify that player it is their turn. If there is no name, it won’t try to add a tag.

Codex AI - Has anyone started on one or thought about it?

My current company has firewall-ed most cloud-based services and it’s such a nuisance. Your spreadsheet is so good, that we’ll use it with my colleagues here, even though we actually have the physical game right next to us :smile:

Is it too much to ask for an offline version, probably in excel? How does it all work actually? Do the scripts connect to anything external…? If I somehow get my hands on a local copy would I be able to use the scripts in offline mode, as suggested earlier?


I feel your pain, on the firewall thing. I have not actually tried using it offline. The scripts are similar but not exactly like VBA you would find in Excel macros, so converting it for excel would just be a matter of rewriting the Google script into VBA. As far as I know the Google script is stored within the Google sheet. There are no external calls beyond the sheet calling the script.

Edit:. A brief test suggests that the script is not available when in offline mode, so that appears to be a no go.


This is, of course, just an idle suggestion. The spreadsheet is fantastic enough as is. But since all the cards are already listed, I wonder if it’s possible to design a fourth tab that only shows the cards in the specs you’ve chosen, a la This makes referencing your deck’s content much easier and really makes the spreadsheet into the ultimate do-all tool for Codex.


I could add a breakout of links specific to your codex and your opponents but it wouldn’t show anything beyond the link and the name.


+1 for this suggestion. I end up deleting all but the relevant columns from the third tab once I start a game already, so this seems like a natural fit to me.


Personally I never use the 3rd tab. I always just have the 2 single pages with each player’s whole Codex open when I’m playing - and this is dead easy because they are even linked to on the main tab, if you fill in that information at the start of the game. I don’t see how it would be easier to have to click on every card individually.


I can see how people would use either method, and it shouldnt be too hard to code in the change, I’ll see when I can get the time to do it.

Casual: Eijolend vs. Way

I posted this to a particular game thread, but realized it might be more helpful here. This is in regards to what card should be discarded, but covers more detail about how the sheet populates the “next hand” and “starting hand” portions of the post.

The next hand and the current hand shown in the spreadsheet should be the same unless you had a technician draw, which would reshuffle the cards in hand. The thing that is different is the starting hand marked in the next post. My opinion is the convention should be what is shown in the hand column of the spreadsheet. Of course it’s all honor system.

The sheet is programmed to draw x cards, then shuffle what is shown in your hand, then when generating the post next hand shows the shuffled set of cards. Meanwhile, the starting hand shown in the next post shows the order in which the cards were drawn. A spectator would be able to identify the 2 cards drawn from the deck before the reshuffle, and then the 3 cards drawn after, and then a technician card, and then Flagstone Garrison draws when looking at a starting hand listing just on the order of the cards.

I used to not shuffle the next hand listing, but decided to shuffle it because otherwise someone could try to pick a number in order to hit the cards drawn after a reshuffle, or before, depending on the situation. It’s like shuffling your hand before letting someone pick from it.


I’m not sure how much work it is, but perhaps it might be worth adding a ‘Random discard’ button?


It would be easy, it just seems unnecessary.


It would really streamline things against black starter.


Well, the current standard is for the opponent to pick a random number. Putting the button in your sheet means its hidden information what card you discarded, unless you take the time to mark it down.

But hey, if the masses want it, who am I to argue. :smiley:


do you normally show your opponent what card you discarded? I thought that was hidden info anyways.


Spectators can figure it out usually, assuming opponent picks a number, but you are basically right.