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You’re a god.


Enhancement request: don’t write out gold remaining after actions that cost 0 (like attacks).


Might I ask for more reasoning? It is possible for an attack to generate gold or cost gold, in the case of setsuki or spirit of the panda or Zane.


I think he just means if you put a value of 0 on an action, then there’s no need to re-render the total gold after that action happens. If you get gold from the attack, like with Zane, you’d put “1” and then it would render the running total.


What StrixVaria said.

My reasoning is that it’s superfluous and causes clutter, and clutter bothers me, haha.


So it would be easier for people to see what actions caused gold count to change? Yea, I can implement that. I’ll probably also add the gold float if any to the discard/draw line so you don’t have to scan a bunch of actions to find the last one that cost something.

Also, you don’t have to type zero, you can also leave the cell blank if an action doesn’t cost anything.


Is there a way for us to alter the wording of the forum post that is generated? I am not super familiar with google sheets but if it’s a matter of finding where it generates from and changing a few things I would like to customize my own phrasing.


There is a way to edit the phrasing, though it requires a basic understanding of code. In Google Sheets, select the tools menu and select script editor. It will open a new tab with all the code that runs behind the scenes making the sheet work. the function generateOutput() is how all the text for the post is generated, though some core elements are generated elsewhere. For example, the list of actions taken in a turn and the running gold total are generated when you discard/draw.


This did the trick, thanks!


There is a new version of the sheet that adds functions for Stash and Peek. I also removed the - ($X) from actions that have a blank or 0 gold listing.



Appreciate your work on this a lot, it’s drastically reduced the time it takes me to do pbf. Half the time I’m still like, wait my turn is over now and I can just copy + paste and get on with my life?


You. Are. A. God.


That’s exactly how i use it. I can flip between or whatever and post my turn in a few minutes… though sometimes I end up spending an hour thinking about how to actually do my turn :stuck_out_tongue:


Dagnabbit and I just started my next CAFS game too! :stuck_out_tongue:


well, you aren’t playing law or future, so its not really relevant :stuck_out_tongue:

My goal was to get it done before week 2 CAFS, but alas, I was not quite fast enough for some people.


A question about draw 1 and tech cards:

If I draw 1 during my turn and a reshuffle is caused where I should be able to draw my new tech cards will it still say what I tech’d when I generate my post?

If not, and I add them to the tech slot so that it does generate, will it also add more copies to my discard?


It will not show up in the “Tech” section. Personally, I would just copy the Tech slot from another post, and manually enter it. Don’t mess with the slot on the spreadsheet to make things work “correctly”.


Actually, there was a bug I was trying to squish regarding this behavior.

I have been trying to get it to work so that if you draw 1 and have tech cards listed, they will move to your discard and still show up after discard/draw. The latest version may or may not work correctly…

The secondary case is if I draw one for technician, I need to not have listed my tech choices yet and then still generate my tech choices at the discard/draw step. I’m going to try and squish this bug, promise… though I thought I had already :smiley:

Cards in the tech slot are counted as unique copies of cards, even if they had already been shuffled into the discard.


Thanks Zhavier, it’s easy enough to just fill it in before positing but figured j would ask in case it was something I was doing wrong. I continue to be impressed by how helpful this thing is and it only keeps getting better


I believe I have finally squished the tech choice saving bug! Victory is mine! Or not, if you find any other bugs :smiley:

Side benefit, if you try to tech twice in a turn, the second set won’t get moved into your deck.

For those curious/adventurous, its line 219, remove the quotes around true in (sentTech!=“true”) to instead say (sentTech!=true)

So you could fix it in your current games sheets… :smiley: