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Codex Tracking Spreadsheet


Im sorry if this is a dumb question, but how will I use the spreadsheet? Can I just copy paste one cell to another? In summoning units, can I just type on the action cells like "summon Jandra, -3? And lastly, in teching cards, can I just copy paste from the card list to the tech cells?


copy and paste is a perfectly reasonable way of moving cards from hand to in play, or of copying from the card list to the tech cards area. Actions are free text meant to explain what you are doing to your opponent, they can say anything. I often free type everything rather than copy, but I recommend experimenting with the sheet to find a method that works for you. If you manage to break the sheet, you can either copy a whole new one or report it here as a bug.


Thanks for the reply.For teching cards, you just have to manually tracked it?


You used to, but it has been fixed in the current sheet. When you tech cards at the beginning of your turn, enter the choice into the two tech slots. Then when you draw they will be saved to the turn summary and added to your discard.


fixed a bug with peek if you tried to do it more than once cards would get overwritten. That no longer happens.


Whenever I make a copy of the sheet, my worker count is always set to -1 and I have 3 Gold. Is this intentional?

Is there a proper place to post test topics?

On turn 1 as player 1, you have 4 workers who generate 4 gold. For convenience and as a reminder, I always mark that gold as the first action, and then mark the creation of a new worker and the -1 gold for spending the gold to create that worker. If you are player 2, you set the value in the right hand area where turn number and tech building health is kept. When you click start game, your starting hand and deck are generated from your chosen factions as well as your player number. Then you can record the actions you take, marking their cost, and move cards from hand to in play, discard or worker area. Your worker count is generated by how many cards are in the worker area.


How do I tip you and the other individuals who created this phenomenal spreadsheet?

It’s well done, and will greatly help facilitate asynchronous play.


I did it for purely self interest :slight_smile:. I do appreciate the feedback :smiley:


Thank you for explaining this. At first it can seem like, “What gives, spreadsheet? y u no give me gold??”


I think when my workers are on 10 or more, the spreadsheet did not list my teched cards on my Actions summary. But the teched cards was added on discard and cycled to the deck


I will investigate. Have you tried to recreate the behavior with a fresh sheet from the link above?


I have Shrine of Forbidden Knowledge in play. So I just click draw 1 card after I clicked discard and draw button. Then I click generate button. I think it has something to do with it


ah, yes, that is exactly what I needed to know. The Draw 1 button doesn’t really account for shrine in that context. I recommend manually adding the card into the post, rather than hitting generate. I’ll see if I can come up with a way to handle the shrine.


Question: If your Surplus has HP on the spreadsheet, will the script automatically draw your extra card for you?


No, because the surplus draw happens after your opponent takes their turn, which could change the results of the surplus draw. For example, you could have no cards left in your deck at the end of your turn, and then your technician dies and you reshuffle and draw during your opponents turn, then tech 2 cards which go to your discard. Or the units your opponent kills during your turn could end up in the discard and then be reshuffled and drawn by the surplus during your upkeep.


Alright, in that case, I think that Stash might be bugged or something, because I’m not drawing one less whenever I Stash a card and click Discard/Draw.


I will investigate, there may indeed be a bug


The following sequence is how Stash is working in my spreadsheet. I have 3 cards left in hand. I stash 1 by moving it from hand to Stash, then click discard/draw, discarding 2, draw 4, and put the stashed card back in hand for a total of 5 cards in hand.

So based on the clarification in the rules thread, this is working as intended.

Unrelated note:

So far the only idea I have for handling Shrine better is to create a checkbox for “Shrine Built? yes/no” or a Shrine Draw button. If I change the draw 1 button, I’ll probably run into a conflict with how tech choices are saved.


Maybe a button for shrine draw will do and maybe you could automate the minus 1 hp to base? lol

I notice another bug, I think, with the stash. I wrote something there earlier and later ended up changing my mind. So, I deleted what was written on the stash cell. When I clicked discard/draw button, the stash function applied, listing on my hand the one I stashed earlier