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[Codex Meet Ups] Toronto, Canada


I haven’t asked anyone. Feel free to invite people!


i have asked but none of my friends wanted to go all the way to Vaughan :stuck_out_tongue:


just wanted to give you guys a heads up but i forgot it black Friday this week and im coming from downtown so traffic MAY slow me down hopfully not too much :stuck_out_tongue:


@UTRALAW @ap49 hey guys, I’m going to have to bow out. I came down with something on Wednesday, and I’m still feeling under the weather. Was hoping I’d be over it by now. :frowning:


Ah. Too bad.

Hope you feel better soon.

@UTRALAW I’ll still be planning to head down.


Hope you feel better Juicer!

@ap49 yep i also am still on planing to head down

Gonna PM you my number in case u need reach me


@UTRALAW ggs yesterday.

@mysticjuicer hope to catch you next time. I’ll also try to get better with my fantasy strike skills!


GGs @ap49 thanks again for setting it up i had a lot of fun.

After we left i was itching to play more to be honest. But i guess that what next time is for :grin: