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[Codex Meet Ups] Toronto, Canada


Played tons of games with Matt, in a variety of match ups. Needless to say I’ve got a loooot of videos to commentate and upload. Speaking of, apparently YouTube currently does not allow me to edit videos that are longer than an hour, which means the White vs Purple game against UTRALAW needs to be edited in Movie Maker and then re-uploaded to YouTube, so expect that sometime on Monday. Damn Canadian internet!


mysticjuicer (White) vs UTRALAW (Purple)


That’s the last of the videos from the last session that I’ll be posting, unfortunately. The time of day and angle of the camera meant that cards were impossible to identify in the ap49/UTRALAW multi-colour duel. Sorry guys. :frowning:

I will be posting videos from the December meet-up next. This time we ended up playing the same match up a couple of times, sometimes switching who was P1/P2, sometimes just pursuing different openings. Hopefully it will make for interesting content. I definitely feel like I made a lot of mistakes with unfamiliar colours, and with some early turn flubs, so it’ll at least be helpful to me to watch the matches again.


I’m really looking forward to the next set of video I really like the idea of having the same game being played but differently each time. This can offer some interesting prospective and having the same player playing the same match can make the games go faster as people will be more familiar with the deck and not pause as long to make certain plays.

As for mistakes after seeing our match worst case the video could be "how not to play codex " . But joking aside as long as you point out the mistake when you do commentary I think it fine (This is a good reason to have an audience sometimes to try and catch the little things)


Hey all!

Long time since my last post here! Wondering if people would be interested in another meet-up?

I don’t know if anyone is aware but 401 games just opened up a location in Vaughan (Keele st and Hwy 7). We could meet there if that’s easier for people to get to.



i don’t mind going to Vaughan if that is an easier location for people. Always wanted to check out the new 401 this would be a good excuse. What day and time were u thinking of having it?


I’m down, so long as it’s not this weekend (4/5), or on Sat 11th. Still got Yomi events to play. :’( I don’t know that the Keele + Hwy 7 location is any more convenient for me, but I wouldn’t mind trying it once. :slight_smile:



I was curious if there was still interest.

I’m also out the next couple of weekends. The earliest might be the 24/25/26. Failing that weekend, it would be Dec 8/9/10.

I’ll confirm later today.


Sounds good to me gives me time to request a day off.

@mysticjuicer I will be driving that day and would be happy to give you a ride if you like. :slight_smile:


Ok. I’m only good for Friday the weekend of the 24th. As for the Dec 8th weekend, I’m still seeing if I can make myself available.


I can’t do Friday, unless it’s around 7pm. I could do the weekend of the 8th.


Sorry, I should have clarified. If Friday is an option, it would be ~7pm.


The weekend of Dec 8 th would be better for me but friday night around 7 pm works for me too.


Ok, if it works for everyone, let’s meet up for Friday, November 24th @ 7pm.

We can also confirm the December 8th weekend at that time.


Cool! Sounds good!


Sounds good to me.

To anyone else reading this post and want to join in the address of the Vaughan 401 store location is:

401 Games
7700 Keele St Unit #6B, Concord, ON L4K 2A1


Just confirming, I’ll be there for 7pm this Friday.


Same! I’ll bring Codex and Yomi.


Yep still on for friday. I will also be bring codex and some yomi



So it’s seems we are three? Any of you planning on bringing additional people? Ideally an even number would be best.

If not, I’ll ask some of my friends if they are interested.