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Codex data thread

I did some digging and compiled past tourney final match results. Is this the right pool of tourneys to collect data from? I was looking for standard CAS tourneys excluding experimental ones.

2016 FALL EricF [Past]/Peace/Anarchy FrozenStorm [Past]/Peace/Anarchy P1 Purple Multi Purple/Peace
2016 WINTER petE [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth zhavier [Necro]/Blood/Truth P1 Red Multi Miracle Gro
2017 SPRING FrozenStorm [Demon/Necro]/Finesse Bob199 [Strength]/Blood/Finesse P2 Black Mono Nightmare
2017 SUMMER Jadiel [Necro]/Anarchy/Blood EricF [Future]/Peace/Necro P1 Black Multi Necro/Red
2017 FALL FrozenStorm [Demon/Necro]/Finesse rathyAro [Feral]/Blood/Truth P1 Black Mono Nightmare
2017 WINTER zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth FrozenStorm [Future]/Peace/Necro P1 Red Multi Miracle Gro
2018 SUMMER Dreamfire [Demon]/Anarchy/Balance zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth P1 Black Multi ?
2018 WINTER EricF [Discipline]/Strength/Finesse Marto [Discipline]/Strength/Finesse P1 White Mono White/Finesse
2019 SUMMER zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth bansa [Law/Peace]/Finesse P1 Red Multi Miracle Gro
2019 WINTER bolyarich [Demon/Necro]/Finesse codexnewb [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth P2 Black Mono Nightmare
2020 SUMMER FrozenStorm [Necro]/Blood/Fire zhavier [Future]/Necro/Peace P2 Black Multi Necro/Red

Assuming above is correct, these are my findings.

FrozenStorm 3 Black 6 P1 WINS 8 Miracle Grow 3
zhavier 2 Red 3 P2 WINS 3 Nightmare 3
EricF 2 White 1 Necro/Red 2
Purple 1

Fall '17 – Winter '17 is the LDT tournaments? That looks right.

The reason Bashing ends up with such a high Nash weight is partly because of how little it’s used. As the other spec matchups are played, and their uncertainty goes down, the remaining high uncertainty for Bashing matchups means that its sampled Nash weight will sometimes be huge.

I don’t use the balance tournament in the model. It’s different enough that effectively they’re completely new starters/specs, so I’d be roughly quadrupling the modelling time.

Im not sure winning player here is a fair statistic to track, as it appears you are only comparing if they won their last game as p1 or p2. Taken over all the matches of all the tournaments, p1 is slightly favored, as i recall, but not 8-3 favored.

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CAWS20 tracker is up. Let me know if you’d rather not have the predictions visible before the matches have finished.

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@charnel_mouse I just checked out your website. Very impressive. Although I don’t understand most of it, it looks like valuable study. Is overall mean pick distribution predicting the winner? Surprised model weighs EricF’s deck more than Nightmare. Oh, I see. It’s because of Bashing as you explained above. So, am I reading this right? It looks like the model is predicting EricF’s win by a huge percentage. Wait, isn’t model’s choice [Demon/Necro]/Bashing then? Ohh, is that why EricF said he is messing with the model? Since we all know Bashing’s plot is prolly not real? I think I now get it. But why not Nightmare? I guess that was just your choice. Was your deck the 3rd strongest? Wait, no that is not your deck. Did you pick the weakest deck??

(Disclaimer: not a data scientist, been a long time since I took statistics)

I believe the model slightly favors Demon/Necro/Bashing over Nightmare, but just greatly favors EricF’s skill (rightfully so, his past performance against everyone is proof of it and what the model’s going off to arrive at that conclusion :wink: )

Model gives him best odds of being the best active player, with I believe you next @bansa, and Boly, Zhav and Persephone rounding out the top 5 but well behind you two. I don’t think that’s particularly far off reality, the skill distribution is wider for those who’ve played fewer games in the sample. I’ve played 170-ish games in that sample and the model has a fairly proven record Zhav and Eric have my number and a fair bit of data that you’ve taken about as many games off me as I have off you :wink:


FrozenStorm’s got it right. EricF’s skill level tends to make him a favourite regardless of the decks, but in this case his deck is the favourite before accounting for players. Again, Bashing gets a bit over-weighted for its high uncertainty, which I consider a feature, since this is the model automatically trying to balance exploration and exploitation. Meanwhile, Nightmare isn’t considered particularly strong, because the model doesn’t account for inter-spec synergies.

Overall mean pick distribution is something like: if you hosted a single match against another person, and you both picked a player/deck to play on your behalf, with what probability should you pick each of them? So it’s the Nash strategy for a single game, not really for winning the tournament. It shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but I thought it was interesting enough to display.

My deck has the highest pick distribution out of all possible multicolour decks, but it has the lowest among the decks in the tournament. Funny how these things work out.


Ha, you lost me there. Clearly, I don’t understand this Nash thing, thanks to my zero statistical background :wink: Maybe I’ll do some reading on your website to try learn what they are. Thanks for the info! @FrozenStorm I think I tricked you there. Model wasn’t predicting the winner sounds like. But honored that you think highly of me :slight_smile: I’ve had some success in the past tourneys I entered and I have a theory on this. I think my style of play is under-represented here in the forum and you guys were prolly like what the xxxx is this guy doing? and yeah. I might have caught you guys off guard. But you will all get used to it and it will normalize as I generate more samples. I gotta limit my all in plays to get to the next level is my assessment to myself.

I know little about statistics so not sure what can be said about fairness of statistic but I was mainly interested in finding out who were winners and winning decks in past standard CAS tourneys.

I’m a classic data guy not a sabermetrician, so to me top 3 players are clear by most wins and this was the result I wanted to confirm and it matches my experience.

P1 wins was simply an observation I made and was a byproduct. I didn’t want to draw a conclusion from it since I agree that it is not enough data to put a weight on it. It is in line with my prediction though. Maybe slightly exaggerated. My gut feeling was somewhere between 6-4 and 7-3.

As to collecting just the final match results, again, I’m a big game pitcher believer not a sabermetrician. Don’t hate me for this. I think dataset on final matches actually represents more fairness between players and decks than data on all the matches because it makes the P1-P2 data less affected by different skill levels and strongness of decks. Yea, this may sound statistically wrong but my presumption is final match is expected to see skilled players with strong decks in that particular season. Although not equally powered, they are more likely to have a fairness value(?). I could be totally wrong and randomly referencing model here in hope that it supports my argument. :wink:

I think it holds some truth though even if model proves me wrong and I want to expand my research to all the tourney matches between top players to make the dataset bigger for P1-P2 win data.

A few responses to make here.

Nash equilibria are from Game Theory, not Statistics. Simplifying to the main case we look at here, i.e. deck selection, the Nash equilibrium is what you’ll see when all the players are choosing decks (strategies) so as to make their worst-case matchup as good as possible. Each deck gets a Nash weight, and the weights sum up to one. Players randomly pick a deck, and a deck’s weight is the probability of it being picked.

Looking at just the finals is fine, but there are a few things it’ll naturally sweep under the rug. Some examples:

  1. Being a good tournament player consists of at least two different measures of skill: skill at playing matches, and skill at constructing / choosing good decks. How much do you care about the latter? Players that are strong at one tend to be strong at the other.

  2. Players that are very good but aren’t active often – or often go AWOL halfway through tournaments – are penalised by just counting final wins. Case in point: the model reckons Marto is most likely to be the best player – EricF is likely to be the best active player – but he doesn’t show up on tournament wins at all. Jadiel barely shows up either, even though he was also a very strong player.

  3. Some of the stronger known decks have a Paper-Scissors-Stone dynamic: Nightmare is disadvantaged against Miracle Grow, which is disadvantaged against [Demonology]/Anarchy/Balance, which is disadvantaged against Nightmare. If you see one of these decks winning a tournament, is it because their counter wasn’t in the line-up that year?

Now, I’m not convinced yet, but it does look like matches in the final round tend to be more even / fair. But what are you trying to measure, that matchup fairness will help you more with? Player skill? Deck strength? A bit of both? Why do you want cases where who wins is closer to being a fair coin flip?

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I was trying to agrue that dataset on final matches may reflect P1-P2 win disparity better than dataset on all tourney matches or at least have some meaning because they are less affected by different player skills or strong decks since they are presumably both skilled and both strong.

Oh, I see where you’re coming from. That’s fair enough, although tournament winners tend to be more aggressive decks, so probably favour going first more than average. It’s 9-2, by, the way, Player 1 won the CAWS19 final.

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I think bolyarich won as P2 in CAWS 19.

Oh yes. Sorry, I keep reading your table as P1/P2 instead of winner/runner-up.

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Interesting you mention Marto above. I had a causal match with him a couple years ago and I got destroyed. It was an eye opening moment for me. He was just playing defense as Green and any offense attempt by me was completely blocked by his patrol. He was brilliant and I felt powerless. I was still learning the game back then but he felt like a giant wall.

Having said that, I would still put our buddies on top 3 all day long. Model may speak the truth and if Marto shows up one day, he might win with high probability but nothing is proven yet.

Hey guys, ready to get excited! Here comes another fanboy data. Now featuring 29 samples from tourney matches amongst our top 3 players by most wins.

2016 FALL R4 EricF [Past]/Peace/Anarchy FrozenStorm [Past]/Peace/Anarchy P2
2016 FALL R6 FrozenStorm [Past]/Peace/Anarchy zhavier Mono Green P1
2016 FALL FINAL EricF [Past]/Peace/Anarchy FrozenStorm [Past]/Peace/Anarchy P1
2016 WINTER R2 zhavier [Necro]/Blood/Truth EricF [Past]/Peace/Anarchy P2
2016 WINTER R7 EricF [Past]/Peace/Anarchy FrozenStorm [Blood]/Strength/Growth P2
2017 SPRING R5 EricF [Peace]/Balance/Anarchy zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth P2
2017 SPRING R8 FrozenStorm [Demon/Necro]/Finesse EricF [Peace]/Balance/Anarchy P1
2017 SUMMER R2 EricF [Future]/Peace/Necro zhavier [Discipline]/Present/Anarchy P1
2017 SUMMER R3 zhavier [Discipline]/Present/Anarchy FrozenStorm [Past]/Peace/Anarchy P1
2017 SUMMER R4 EricF [Future]/Peace/Necro FrozenStorm [Past]/Peace/Anarchy P1
2017 FALL R3 FrozenStorm [Demon/Necro]/Finesse zhavier [Finesse]/Demon/Ninjutsu P1
2017 FALL R5 FrozenStorm [Demon/Necro]/Finesse zhavier [Finesse]/Demon/Ninjutsu P2
2017 WINTER R3 FrozenStorm [Future]/Necro/Peace zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth P1
2017 WINTER R6 zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth FrozenStorm [Future]/Necro/Peace P1
2017 WINTER R7 zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth FrozenStorm [Future]/Necro/Peace P2
2017 WINTER FINAL zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth FrozenStorm [Future]/Necro/Peace P1
2018 SUMMER R3 zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth FrozenStorm [Demon/Necro]/Finesse P2
2018 SUMMER R9 zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth FrozenStorm [Demon/Necro]/Finesse P1
2018 WINTER R6 EricF [Discipline]/Strength/Finesse FrozenStorm [Anarchy]/Necro/Growth P1
2018 WINTER R7 EricF [Discipline]/Strength/Finesse zhavier [Finesse]/Anarchy/Blood P2
2019 SUMMER R1 EricF [Anarchy/Blood]/Demonology FrozenStorm [Past/Future]/Finesse P1
2019 SUMMER R6 zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth EricF [Anarchy/Blood]/Demonology P1
2019 SUMMER R9 zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth EricF [Anarchy/Blood]/Demonology P2
2019 WINTER R4 FrozenStorm [Future]/Peace/Necromancy EricF [Feral]/Law/Fire P2
2019 WINTER R6 FrozenStorm [Future]/Peace/Necromancy zhavier [Balance]/Growth/Finesse P1
2020 SUMMER R2 FrozenStorm [Necromancy]/Blood/Fire zhavier [Future]/Necromancy/Peace P1
2020 SUMMER R6 zhavier [Future]/Necromancy/Peace FrozenStorm [Necromancy]/Blood/Fire P1
2020 SUMMER R8 zhavier [Future]/Necromancy/Peace FrozenStorm [Necromancy]/Blood/Fire P2
2020 SUMMER FINAL FrozenStorm [Necromancy]/Blood/Fire zhavier [Future]/Necro/Peace P2
17 12

Findings: P1 win percentage is a lot softer than final match dataset. I was thinking this may be because choice of decks in some seasons overshadowed their performance. For next post I think I will expand the sample size by adding tourney winner’s matches against top 3 players or maybe even include runner-up’s tourney samples. Stay tuned!

PS. Fun Facts


Here is the improved dataset with 68 samples. Basically combines the first (final matches) and second (matches amongst top 3 players) dataset plus alpha (season winner and runner-ups matches against top 3).

2016 FALL_R4 EricF [Past]/Peace/Anarchy FrozenStorm [Past]/Peace/Anarchy P2
2016 FALL_R6 FrozenStorm [Past]/Peace/Anarchy zhavier Mono Green P1
2016 FALL_FINAL EricF [Past]/Peace/Anarchy FrozenStorm [Past]/Peace/Anarchy P1
2016 WINTER_R2 zhavier [Necro]/Blood/Truth EricF [Past]/Peace/Anarchy P2
2016 WINTER_R5 petE [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth zhavier [Necro]/Blood/Truth P2
2016 WINTER_R7 EricF [Past]/Peace/Anarchy FrozenStorm [Blood]/Strength/Growth P2
2016 WINTER_R8 petE [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth EricF [Past]/Peace/Anarchy P2
2016 WINTER_FINAL petE [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth zhavier [Necro]/Blood/Truth P1
2017 SPRING_R4 Bob199 [Strength]/Blood/Finesse zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth P1
2017 SPRING_R5 FrozenStorm [Demon/Necro]/Finesse Bob199 [Strength]/Blood/Finesse P1
2017 SPRING_R5 EricF [Peace]/Balance/Anarchy zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth P2
2017 SPRING_R6 EricF [Peace]/Balance/Anarchy Bob199 [Strength]/Blood/Finesse P1
2017 SPRING_R8 FrozenStorm [Demon/Necro]/Finesse EricF [Peace]/Balance/Anarchy P1
2017 SPRING_FINAL FrozenStorm [Demon/Necro]/Finesse Bob199 [Strength]/Blood/Finesse P2
2017 SUMMER_R2 EricF [Future]/Peace/Necro zhavier [Discipline]/Present/Anarchy P1
2017 SUMMER_R3 Jadiel [Necro]/Anarchy/Blood EricF [Future]/Peace/Necro P1
2017 SUMMER_R3 zhavier [Discipline]/Present/Anarchy FrozenStorm [Past]/Peace/Anarchy P1
2017 SUMMER_R4 EricF [Future]/Peace/Necro FrozenStorm [Past]/Peace/Anarchy P1
2017 SUMMER_R5 zhavier [Discipline]/Present/Anarchy Jadiel [Necro]/Anarchy/Blood P2
2017 SUMMER_R6 Jadiel [Necro]/Anarchy/Blood FrozenStorm [Past]/Peace/Anarchy P2
2017 SUMMER_R7 Jadiel [Necro]/Anarchy/Blood zhavier [Discipline]/Present/Anarchy P2
2017 SUMMER_FINAL Jadiel [Necro]/Anarchy/Blood EricF [Future]/Peace/Necro P1
2017 FALL_R2 zhavier [Finesse]/Demon/Ninjutsu rathyAro [Feral]/Blood/Truth P1
2017 FALL_R3 FrozenStorm [Demon/Necro]/Finesse zhavier [Finesse]/Demon/Ninjutsu P1
2017 FALL_R4 FrozenStorm [Demon/Necro]/Finesse rathyAro [Feral]/Blood/Truth P2
2017 FALL_R5 FrozenStorm [Demon/Necro]/Finesse zhavier [Finesse]/Demon/Ninjutsu P2
2017 FALL_R6 rathyAro [Feral]/Blood/Truth zhavier [Finesse]/Demon/Ninjutsu P1
2017 FALL_FINAL FrozenStorm [Demon/Necro]/Finesse rathyAro [Feral]/Blood/Truth P1
2017 WINTER_R3 FrozenStorm [Future]/Necro/Peace zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth P1
2017 WINTER_R6 zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth FrozenStorm [Future]/Necro/Peace P1
2017 WINTER_R7 zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth FrozenStorm [Future]/Necro/Peace P2
2017 WINTER_FINAL zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth FrozenStorm [Future]/Necro/Peace P1
2018 SUMMER_R1 FrozenStorm [Demon/Necro]/Finesse Dreamfire [Demon]/Anarchy/Balance P1
2018 SUMMER_R3 zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth FrozenStorm [Demon/Necro]/Finesse P2
2018 SUMMER_R5 Dreamfire [Demon]/Anarchy/Balance zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth P1
2018 SUMMER_R8 Dreamfire [Demon]/Anarchy/Balance zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth P2
2018 SUMMER_R9 zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth FrozenStorm [Demon/Necro]/Finesse P1
2018 SUMMER_FINAL Dreamfire [Demon]/Anarchy/Balance zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth P1
2018 WINTER_R1 Marto [Discipline]/Strength/Finesse FrozenStorm [Anarchy]/Necro/Growth P1
2018 WINTER_R3 Marto [Discipline]/Strength/Finesse EricF [Discipline]/Strength/Finesse P1
2018 WINTER_R3 Marto [Discipline]/Strength/Finesse zhavier [Finesse]/Anarchy/Blood P1
2018 WINTER_R6 EricF [Discipline]/Strength/Finesse FrozenStorm [Anarchy]/Necro/Growth P1
2018 WINTER_R7 EricF [Discipline]/Strength/Finesse zhavier [Finesse]/Anarchy/Blood P2
2018 WINTER_R8 EricF [Discipline]/Strength/Finesse Marto [Discipline]/Strength/Finesse P1
2018 WINTER_FINAL EricF [Discipline]/Strength/Finesse Marto [Discipline]/Strength/Finesse P2
2018 WINTER_FINAL EricF [Discipline]/Strength/Finesse Marto [Discipline]/Strength/Finesse P1
2019 SUMMER_R1 EricF [Anarchy/Blood]/Demonology FrozenStorm [Past/Future]/Finesse P1
2019 SUMMER_R3 bansa [Law/Peace]/Finesse zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth P1
2019 SUMMER_R5 EricF [Anarchy/Blood]/Demonology bansa [Law/Peace]/Finesse P2
2019 SUMMER_R6 zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth EricF [Anarchy/Blood]/Demonology P1
2019 SUMMER_R8 zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth bansa [Law/Peace]/Finesse P1
2019 SUMMER_R9 zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth EricF [Anarchy/Blood]/Demonology P2
2019 SUMMER_FINAL bansa [Law/Peace]/Finesse zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth P1
2019 SUMMER_FINAL zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth bansa [Law/Peace]/Finesse P1
2019 WINTER_R1 bolyarich [Demon/Necro]/Finesse EricF [Feral]/Law/Fire P2
2019 WINTER_R2 bolyarich [Demon/Necro]/Finesse codexnewb [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth P1
2019 WINTER_R3 bolyarich [Demon/Necro]/Finesse zhavier [Balance]/Growth/Finesse P1
2019 WINTER_R3 FrozenStorm [Future]/Peace/Necromancy codexnewb [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth P2
2019 WINTER_R4 FrozenStorm [Future]/Peace/Necromancy EricF [Feral]/Law/Fire P2
2019 WINTER_R5 bolyarich [Demon/Necro]/Finesse FrozenStorm [Future]/Peace/Necromancy P2
2019 WINTER_R6 FrozenStorm [Future]/Peace/Necromancy zhavier [Balance]/Growth/Finesse P1
2019 WINTER_R7 bolyarich [Demon/Necro]/Finesse FrozenStorm [Future]/Peace/Necromancy P1
2019 WINTER_R7 codexnewb [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth zhavier [Future]/Necromancy/Peace P1
2019 WINTER_FINAL bolyarich [Demon/Necro]/Finesse codexnewb [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth P2
2020 SUMMER_R2 FrozenStorm [Necromancy]/Blood/Fire zhavier [Future]/Necromancy/Peace P1
2020 SUMMER_R6 zhavier [Future]/Necromancy/Peace FrozenStorm [Necromancy]/Blood/Fire P1
2020 SUMMER_R8 zhavier [Future]/Necromancy/Peace FrozenStorm [Necromancy]/Blood/Fire P2
2020 SUMMER_FINAL FrozenStorm [Necromancy]/Blood/Fire zhavier [Future]/Necro/Peace P2
42 26

Findings: Improved data shows 62% P1 win rate which falls in between the previous two. I think I will be comfortable to say that the actual P1 win expectation is not far from this result. It’s not actually as bad as I though it would be. I was expecting mid 60s and even maybe higher. I also think there is room for improvement on P2 win rates. As sample size grows, I hope this falls below 60 which then I think would be a healthy ratio.

For what it’s worth, my model’s put the general first-player win rate in 51-55% pretty consistently.