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Codex Card Laboratory (repost [in idea only])


Thank you for moving my post. I wasn’t trying to crowd out another users thread, I just didn’t know this thread existed!

I agree with your thoughts about the general card layout, good ideas all around.


Move my Jandra into another player’s patrol zone, then killing it to clear their board? Yes please!


I don’t know, that’s starting to sound like “Cocaine Logic.” The rule as it currently stands is that your own units can’t patrol during your turn, and it’s crazy to suggest that you could (during your turn) patrol one of your units in someone else’s patrol zone for the sole purpose of killing it. I’m pretty sure if Sirlin ever saw that suggestion he’d immediately do whatever it took to prevent that from being possible.


Putting a unit in a patrol zone wouldn’t change its controller, so not sure how Jandra would kill their stuff even if you managed to get her into the patrol zone.


Hmm, that might be a grey area. In FFA at least you can lend patrollers to other players and they are counted for all intents and purposes to be their unit while it’s patrolling for them.


Thanks for pointing this out. I haven’t had any experience with Free For All. So does FFA change the game rule? I originally thought the controller of a patroller got the +1 card or +1 coin, but in FFA the Lender of the (thing) is the player that gets the ‘bonus’ I guess?


Yeah. FFA changes the game rules somewhat with its bounty (killing units nets the killer 1 gold) and the owner vs lender rules you stated, but I feel that the “your units can’t patrol during your turn” rule is less circumvented by FFA, and more just an edge case that doesn’t need to be addressed. So the rule might technically be “Your units can’t patrol in your own patrol zone during your turn”, but it doesn’t need to be stated that way because outside of FFA the issue will never come up. Much like how Rich Earth’s actual function as dictated by rulings is “Your workers cost 1 less”, but outside of the Map card Hard Times Mill (your workers cost 1 more) there is virtually no difference, so the rules is stated in a more accessible way rather than in a precise way that addresses all corner cases. Incidentally that also describes much of your problems with Codex nicely.


I thought in FFA you can only lend patrollers at the same timing as finalizing your own patrol. And when you lend patroller the unit is no longer under your control until the start of that players turn.
So technically you could lend Jandra to player then have another player kill her and nuke all that poor player’s units. (So minimum 3player ffa required)


Yes, that’s all correct and what I was referencing earlier, not sure which theoretical cocaine logic you’re replying to? I have yet to see that ‘combo’ happen in FFA, not for lack of trying.


A few card ideas:

1.) A card that says you win the game if your T-Rex is forced to eat himself by his own arrives ability.

2.) A card that says you win the game if your Nullcraft has two or more ongoing Buff of Debuff spells attached to it.


The Nullcraft thing would require mind control, not active help from an opponent, because manufactured truth only works on your own stuff. Still way too much trouble for a win condition.

The T-Rex thing is similarly non viable in real games against an opponent trying to actually win, if only because you’d spend all game not putting down board presence by playing a ton of worker destruction or your opponent is actively assisting. If your opponent is not able to overwhelm you by just playing bodies while you play spells, then I am missing something. If you wanted to use the T-Rex in 2headed mode, you have an even bigger number of workers to destroy before the T-Rex could possibly eat himself.


Mind Control can’t target Nullcraft. Can anyone come up with a way to cast Manufactured Truth on an actual Nullcraft (not a copy of one)


Play [Blue]/Blood/X against [Purple]/X/X, attack with Ogre Recruiter while Nullcraft is in play.


I actually almost succeeded in stealing a nullcraft exactly that way once. But alas, the nullcraft died before I could get it. I did not have a blue starter though :stuck_out_tongue:


Blue card, proposed alternate for Jail

Poor House (3g, building 3 hp, tech 0)
Each opponent must pay 1g during their upkeep or they cannot play units from their hand during their turn.

Gotta pay your debts…


So, this isn’t a card, but I thought it seemed like an intersting idea.

A new addon building

Shield Generator (:heart: 4, Cost 2)
All your buildings gain resist 1


Seems interesting. Feels like is should be a purple building. Which gives the idea of color specific add ons. What if you got access to a special add on based on what color your main hero was? Could be a way to buff weaker starters without changing any of the actual cards in that starter.

For example:
Blue only add on

Super Duper Tower

Everything is the same as normal tower but it costs 2


There is a danger of making past/peace/anarchy even stronger if they are color specific.

I do like the idea of buffing blue starter somehow though.

The balancing act is the opportunity cost of building a certain addon. If I build a tower, its that much ahrder to build a heroes hall.

Blue super tower seems kinda boring. Better boost: Blue Lookout Post. When you build this, get a 1/1 soldier token with sparkshot + Tower, cost 3. slightly more interesting.


If ClanNatoy was suggesting that it is tied to starter deck it could add a fun dimension to deck building. Although given how hard the blue starter deck is to use, I feel like they would get Blue Heroes Hall (exactly like a regular Heroes Hall except it costs 3 gold instead of 2).
Maybe red starter could get Building Catapult (once this is active, you may sacrifice a tech building to destroy an enemy tech building of the same level during your upkeep. The tech building you sacrifice cannot be rebuilt until the following turn… because you have to retrieve the parts first).


Does not compute. Why make heroes hall worse…?