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[Chess 2] Empowered defense against Reaper





Ok, the bot wants to pay 1 to duel again. Stones back to 3-3 with White gaining another one after the duel. Things could go anywhere from here and both players have a reasonable chance of bidding anything, but it’s predicting the most likely outcome is white bids 2, black bids 0. You want to go with that, or randomize?

Luckily enough, the result of 2-0 is also the result that is “just above average” for black, if that’s what we’re targeting. The next most likely result is 2-2, but that’s not very good for black.

No matter what the result of the duel is, Black is likely to next move Ke6.

EDIT: for what it’s worth, I just had my system play 100 quick matches against itself from this point and the result was White 44 - Black 56. I’m willing to call this “not a lock for White” if you are.


I am, it’s rough! Most of these positions have ended up complex enough that even if they were strong for Reaper it’d take a better player than me to actually execute.

We could try from @echomancer’s suggested line though?

Rf6 Rg6
Rh6 Bd6
f4 Rb6
f5 …


Okay let’s go from 4. f5 Rxg2



(also if @echomancer wants to actually play this out feel free to jump in at any time!)


The bot loves dueling in this matchup. It will again now. Looks like the “most likely result that is slightly above average for black” is white bids 0, black bids 1.

After that, black will do Nc6. Stones are 3-3.


The objective of this is to see if Black can prevent a rush down victory of white, right?

In this position, I would be happy with my material advantage against Empowered, especially because Empowered is already weak on material by not having a real queen.

I would do something like d3, but if I was heedlessly rushing forward I would do e4 or Kf2



Or I could just be bad at Chess… :smiley:


[quote=“echomancer, post:27, topic:590, full:true”]
The objective of this is to see if Black can prevent a rush down victory of white, right?[/quote]
Pretty much. We’re trying to see if this matchup is 10-0 no matter what Black does. I don’t think it is, but we haven’t fully explored it yet. (I’m actually more worried that Classic has no response).

After d3, we get e6


I remember parsing this out yesterday. I was almost positive my response to e6 is e4.



Ran a couple scenarios. In response to e4, the bot does a surprising (to me) Bxe4. Assuming you don’t duel and then PxB, then next the bot duels. To give Black another slight advantage, bot suggests bids of w1 vs b2 for this one. If that’s okay with you, then Black does Ke7. Stones would be 2-2 I think.
(Can provide diagram later tonight)


Okay, I’m pretty sure I win. I ran down lots of different possibilities, and I think the move is Kf2. Stones are 2-2


Your diagram shows the wrong pawn being captured by Black’s bishop. It should look like this before Kf2.

You still want to do Kf2?

Edit: if so, black does Kd6


okay, that radically changes things


The situation is very complicated, and I’m not certain of everything, but the answer is the pawn is essential. I don’t bid one when I take the bishop, I bid two even if you bid zero. This is end game!

If you move your king, I move my king F2
If you move your bishop C5 I take your bishop with my reaper.

Black to move, stones 4-1 in Black’s favor


It is complicated. Way more so than I can handle with my meatbrain. Next time there’s a duel, I’ll ask you what you want to do instead of just assuming. If I’m copying and pasting correctly, I think we have:

  1. Rf6 Rg6
  2. Rh6 Bd6
  3. f4 Rb6
  4. f5 Rxg2
  5. Bxg2 (0-1) Nc6
  6. d3 e6
  7. e4 Bxe4
  8. Pxe4 (2-0) Ke7
  9. Kf2 Kd6


my brain hurts from working on other stuff so i haven’t looked deep at what’s transpired here, but on first glance it looks wild!

also on that bxr capture early on, as white i’d strongly consider bidding 2 even if i know my opponent will probably bluff. keeping that bishop on the board seems like it could be very good.


be3. If Ke5 then Nd2 . if any other move I need to look at it before deciding.


Nd4. You can’t take with the bishop because if you do then Black will duel, bid 2, kill the bishop, and then Kc5. You can’t take with the reaper because Black will decline the duel and then Kc5.


Yep, that was the move I was afraid of. If I did have one more stone then I would have been able to take the bishop and it would most likely be game. This is also the one route that was so complex that I couldn’t parse everything.

Rook f6 to c5.