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Character Guides, Match-Up Charts, and More: Collected Links to Important Resources


Also, it seems that parts of the sheet are currently not working (showing a bunch of #N/A’s, sheet is set to view only, etc.)


Ok, the sheet is up and running again. I’m not sure whether it will update for other people after a match is played… I guess I should try loading it up as an anonymous user and see what happens.

I also need to do some additional work to make sure the ELO calculation runs all the way through consistently. There’s 30 second timelimit that it sometimes runs over, which ends up breaking everything, but I have thoughts about ways to break up the calculation so that it always finishes.


I’ve been maintaining the Yomi Tournament Calendar with as many matches as I can (subject to my own ability to get matches on the calendar before they’re played). Matches on that calendar also are tweeted out by the Yomi Tournaments twitter account.

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