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[CAWS20] Round7: Bomber678 [Finesse]/Anarchy/Strength vs zhavier [Blood]/Feral/Strength

How the heck you beat zhavier back to back!? Amazing stuff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Technically not back to back, I had to lose horribly to you first

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Come on, it wasn’t that bad. Dancers are just a little sensitive and gets upset easily. You gotta get used to it. :wink:

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I needed kidnapping and I could a gotten you, but alas.

If you check my thoughts, I was around 90% sure you didn’t have it. Knowing you and your Tech habits, I was pretty certain of your deck’s contents

Interesting topic. That is a bold statement though. I have some thoughts but will save them for after the tourney.

doh, I am predictable, that will need to be rectified.


Hmm I wonder if it is right for me to be revealing insider information while there is still competition left…

my 1 life remaining will be snuffed shortly, im sure.

in your shoes, I would have let him read my thughts after the tournament :face_with_monocle:

I think its normal for players to get insight into other players’ gameplans from previous matches.

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It’s true. I’m sure even my scatterbrained thoughts give something away

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The forum is meant to be a fun place to play and learn the game; perhaps I should make it explicit in my rules posting for tourneys, but I consider checking opponent’s secrets (hands, thoughts, tech choices etc) after the game has finished to be 100% in bounds, as do I encourage folks to spectate secrets of games they are not involved in. The forum format has that advantage over in-person games

I expect and encourage anyone to check my secrets spectating or post-game if involved in the match, that’s why I include them and try to take care explaining my process.


Bomber’s been doing his homework and it’s paying off!