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[CAWS20] Round4: charnel_mouse [Demonology/Disease]/Discipline vs Bomber678 [Finesse]/Anarchy/Strength

sorry, you’re thinking of sac the weak. Obliterate is more deadly, as bomber said.

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Oops, that beats the purpose of putting Spitter in Elite, then.

Not that it changes the output, but it lessens how much I can stretch it out for you.


Starting hand: 3

Versatile Style
Death and Decay
Plague Lab

Technician draw: 1



Purely in defeat delaying stage at this point. 6 gold for Grave + Versatile Style to disable Gunship, leaving 4 gold to put down the Plague Lab and worker, or to level heroes:

  • Midband Orpal, worker
  • Maxband Vandy, doom Taxman and Twin
  • Sickness, midband Vandy
  • Sickness on Gunship
  • Plague Lab, worker

I’ll go for Vandy so heroes can’t trade 1-for-1, try to maximise Gunship spite.

Teched cards: 0

T2: Plague Spitter, Sickness
T3: Death and Decay, Gorgon
T4: Abomination, Reversal
T5: 2 x Versatile Style
T6: Gorgon, Rambasa Twin
T7: Plague Lab, Sparring Partner

Get paid – (10)
Orpal Suicides into Steam Tank for 1A damage, levels fizzle
Grave Stormborne – (8)
Versatile Style against 2 resist, Pirate Gunship is disabled – (4)
Maxband Vandy, doom Gunpoint Taxman and Rambasa Twin – (0)
Discard 3, draw 5

:psblueshield: Vandy L5 4/5+1A (sparkshot; resist 1; 1g + exhaust: fetch Demonology spell)
:target: Rambasa Twin 5/4 (resist 0+1; doomed; first Twin death each turn goes to codex)

Grave L1 2/3 (sparkshot)

:heart: Base HP: 19
:heart: Tech I HP: 5
:heart: Tech II HP: 5 (Disease)

Hand: 5

Versatile Style
Sparring Partner

Deck: 2

Sacrifice the Weak

Discard: 8

Summon Skeletons
Plague Spitter
Thieving Imp
Versatile Style
Death and Decay
Plague Lab

Card-count check (opponent-viewable)

Expected: 10 + 12 teched + 1 Twin - 1 Twin to codex = 22
1 on board
5 in hand
2 in deck
8 in discard
6 in workers
Total: 22

Gold: 0
Workers: 10

4 x start
T1: Jandra, the Negator
T2: Skeletal Archery
T3: Poisonblade Rogue
T4: Graveyard
T5: Skeleton Javelineer
T6: Pestering Haunt

Turn 9

Hand: Tenderfoot, Entangling Vines, Surprise Attack
Workers: Older Brother, Helpful Turtle, Spark, Wither, Brick Thief, Fruit Ninja


Turn 2: Entangling Vines, Gunpoint Taxman
Turn 3: Steam Tank, Surprise Attack
Turn 4: Chaos Mirror, Pirate Gunship
Turn 5: Pirate Gunship, Steam Tank

  1. Tech 0 cards
  2. Get paid (+$11, $11)
  3. Summon Captain Zeno Zane ($9)
  4. Cast Surprise Attack ($4)
  5. Cast Entangling Vines on Rambasa Twin ($0)
  6. Sharks kill Vandy, Zane gains 2 levels
  7. Rook (4), River (4), Taxman (5), Steam Tank (6), and Zane (2) deal 21 damage to your base, destroying it

Gg man. Tough fight there.

@FrozenStorm got em coach


Well played! Think I teched myself into a corner early, Orpal into Disease II is too slow against the threat of Anarchy rush.

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