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[CAWS20] Round2: Steve44 [Necromancy/Disease]/Discipline vs Nopethebard MonoRed

Hang on just a second here y’all. @Nopethebard I’m having trouble reconciling your P2T3 posts’ “Next Hand” with your P2T4 Hand and played cards

Turn 2, you’re DC 3 rs Draw 5, Hand 5 Deck 4 Discard 0, then technican draw 1 so 6:3:0
Turn 3 you play 3, DC2 Draw 3 rs Draw 1, Hand 4 Deck 4 discard 0, then technician so 5:3:0

Still, 3 of those cards were fixed from the Draw 3 rs Draw 1+1techn, and I don’t see them in your turn 4 hand.

After Turn 4 your card counts look fine for deck and hand but again, your cards in next hand don’t line up right w/ the end of turn Discard 2 Draw 3 rs Draw 1; you have more than one card in hand that would have been in the reshuffle.

Help me understand what’s going on so that I am better able to assist in event of another mistake


I made a few errors that I think I fixed wrong. I don’t think I can catch up anyway so I’ll concede

I’m not sure exactly happened but I think I may have reshuffled and forgot when I had to fix the draws or something like that

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@FrozenStorm i think he could just roll back and redraw. Your call (and nope’s if he’s adamant about conceding)


I suspected that was the case @Nopethebard, no problem, honest mistakes like that happen when you’re backing up a turn so I totally get it.

@Legion is right this is a case where backing up to @Nopethebard’s P2T4 should be possible, or just playing on as-is, and conceding isn’t really necessary.

@Steve44 tournament rules don’t explicitly state it but normally in this situation I would ask you (the opponent of the error’d player) your preference in resolving things between resetting or playing on, and only adjudicate w/ a decision if a solution can’t be found between the two of you.

Give it some thought and get back to me w/ what y’all wanna do!

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I was already thinking about conceding Because I decided to not tech Gunships and now I don’t see a way to win without drawing them in the next couple turns

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This is my first tournament. Everything is new for me and I don´t know how you handle this situation normally. I think @FrozenStorm should decide how the game goes on. Every decision is ok for me. No worries!


Usually if someone concedes that’s the end of it Steve. Occasionally (in situations like this for example, where the concession send premature) I will make an attempt to encourage finishing the game, but if the player still feels conceding is best we’ll leave it at that. I will mark the win for Steve