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[CAWS20] Round2: hardy83 [Discipline]/Anarchy/Finesse vs Nekoatl [Demonology/Disease]/Truth

sure, sry…

And I just noticed that I accidentally gave myself a worker I didn’t purchase last turn, luckily it wasn’t a card (I put “???” in when I’m planning to worker a card but haven’t decided which, it tends to result in me making fewer errors on average) so the error is easily corrected by simply starting my current turn with 10 gold instead of 11 and no re-randomization is called for. But, if you relied on my previous post’s summary saying I had 11 workers, I think you should have the chance to make changes to your turn before I post.

it won’t affect my turn :smiley: didn’t have too much many options imo

ah… my english mistakes. will edit “feeling save” to “feeling safe” from t4 after the match, too :wink:


Check it out, a Tech II! Better late than never? :laughing:


Tech StartingHand Workers


Summon Skeletons
Dark Pact
Spreading Plague

Skeletal Archery
Jandra, the Negator
Skeleton Javelineer
Pestering Haunt
Poisonblade Rogue
Dark Pact


Thieving Imp
Dark Pact
Summon Skeletons

Tech 2 card(s)
Get Paid - ($10)
Worker - ($9)
Vandy Anadrose - ($7)
Summon Skeletons - ($4)
Tech II: Disease - ($0)

Float ($0)
Discard 4, draw 1, reshuffle, draw 4

Board Info:
In Patrol:

  • :psblueshield: Squad Leader: Skeleton (1/1A)
  • :psfist: Elite: Skeleton (2/1)
  • :ps_: Scavenger: L1 Vandy Anadrose (2/3) Sparkshot
  • :pschip: Technician:
  • :target: Lookout:


  • :heart: Base HP: 5
  • :heart: Tech I HP: 5
  • :heart: Tech II HP: 5 (Disease)
  • :heart: Heroes’ Hall HP: 4

Economy Info:

  • Hand: 5
  • Deck: 9
  • Disc: 0


  • Gold: 0
  • Workers: 11


Can’t afford to Pact anymore, I’d better worker it. Very unfortunate that I can’t summon Orpal this turn. My best defense here is probably Abominations, though of course that means Quince will be seeing little action this game.

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phew… got a really good hand with several possibilities, just take a look… even if an imp had stripped me of a good card now, i think i would have found a way for lethal damage.

the fortunate start, 8dmg from dark pact, being able to play most of the game without patrollers to hit for shadow blade, and you not having carrion curse in t5 were probably some key factors, i think?

…at least assuming that you went for a similar strategy as in our other games with the same specs


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Imp…stop him!!! :smile: gg, wp

GG WP. Yeah, I had a bad T1 hand, and paired with your good T1 hand, you easily took the lead and then I just never found a way to recover. I didn’t go for Carrion Curse ‘cuz I figured you were going unit-heavy with Finesse, and didn’t go for Shadow Blade because you had enough haste and an early lead so I thought you’d have no need to patrol. Only thing I can really think of that I could maybe have done differently was to use fewer cards in the beginning to avoid the need to Dark Pact, maybe pump hero levels or somethin’. I did consider building a Tower, but thought you would just easily take it down and that patrollers would serve as more of a speed bump.

@FrozenStorm, hardy takes the win!

@hardy83 , why not just write: maestro, fencer for free, tap it plus starlets them for 6 dmg to your base, now at-1. ggwp.
As you wrote it was really confusing and messy. I had to reread your post and the previous several times to understand who the heck won and why.

ok, didn’t consider spectators. next time will make it different :+1: