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[CAWS19] Round6 FrozenStorm [Future]/Peace/Necromancy vs zhavier [Balance]/Growth/Finesse

GG WP! Indeed that was a fortunate draw to get rid of the Basilisk, though realistically I was likely to get it (was drawing 6/8 in that cycle). I was prepared to sac Oni to do nearly the same combat, just would’ve meant killing Mimic with the Nullcraft and maxbanding River instead of River dead and Mimic alive.

I was definitely trying to carefully play around Polymorph: Squirrel, was a delicate dance and was a little surprised not to see it but also I intentionally made sure not to leave many/any openings to utilize it for a kill

It’s not that hard to play around really, given its cost. It’s a terrible answer for mox+boot camp, but that’s all my codex had to work with.

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Yea, not like I was doing rocket science to avoid it :wink: I nearly did forget about it though, and had I forgotten my turn 3/4/5 patrols likely would have been vulnerable to it