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[CAWS19] Round6 Bomber678 Mono Red vs codexnewb [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth

I can’t overpower from a backline target to other backline targets. Maybe I should’ve killed Rook though.

i don’t have much more to add. im only playing miracle grow because i can never beat it. hoping to learn some tips and tricks this tournament so i can deal with it better next tournament. if you can’t beat them, join them…

would also like to add that i lost my first two games, and this deck is actually not that easy to pilot. major respect to @zhavier and those before me for all the success playing this one.


No, I meant the overpower from Taxman.

CB1 Kills Taxman, overpower 2 to tech2 instead of base
CB2 kills Rook
Lobber hits Tech2 to 1hp
Dog either breaks tech2 (safe against potential MoLaC setup) or hits tech1 (gambling no MoLaC for a double break next turn)

Very true, I’m not very good at playing it myself

Miracle Grow is a really tough codex to pilot. I fall on my face plenty when playing it. The big trick is anticipating your opponent. The better you can do that, and decide what you have that can disrupt or overcome their plan, the better you will do. I will say mono red seems like it would have a particularly hard time, as sustained offense isnt usually feasible, especially against the more efficient defense miracle grow can present.

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Agree :100: that mono red is going to have a hard time against it; Rook is tricky for mono red, no direct hero countermeasures, lacking evasion like invis / flying, no MoLaC countermeasure, and Miracle grow can easily get both wide and large, which negate the usual Kidnapping / Ember Sparks countermeasures. Birds are also really good at picking off your low-hp surviving attackers