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[CAWS18] zhavier [Finesse]/Anarchy/Blood vs witspur [Disease]/Blood/Anarchy


As soon as you played it I got worried. A 50% chance is one I’ll take almost every time. In an earlier game with Marto I built my Tech 2 and had a 40% shot to draw a hasted Tech 2 unit (1 card draw, 4 out of 10 possible cards were hasted Tech 2s). I didn’t think twice about it. I also didn’t draw a Tech 2. It changed the complexion of the game, but the point is at 50%, I’m there.

I do have a question. I’ve considered hasting a building before (specifically the sanatorium). I haven’t done so because the hasting abilities/spells that I’ve run across all seem to mention Hero or Unit specifically, and I figured a Building was not technically a Unit. If it is, does that make upgrades and attachments units as well?


No, you misunderstand, I was referring to changes to the actual text of the card should the game ever go through a rebalancing reprint, or should we have a house ruled change.

There are no ways to haste a building or upgrade. To my recollection, Eyes of the Detector is the only hastey upgrade or building.


Oh, I see. A text change would make significant many cards that are now gathering dust. That is an interesting idea that deserves to be examined. Makes me wonder if a revision is in the works.


Upgrades used to have haste, until they didn’t (or more correctly, no summoning sickness). Eyes was given haste specifically after that change because it’s a tech 2 upgrade, so it needs to be powerful.
I can’t remember if buildings ever had haste… I don’t think they ever did, but I might be misremembering.


Isn’t Bloodburn the only other upgrade that could even benefit from haste?

Basically, that change just sounds like a nerf to Bloodburn.


It probably was. I don’t remember the context for the change. It was in beta.