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[CAWS18] Nekoatl [Discipline]/Past/Law vs Marto [Discipline]/Strength/Finesse


Indeed, none of my heroes are ready to answer the call. :persevere:


And that was very well intended :wink:
GG ! No combo this time, and I’m not sure I do regret it !


StartingHand Workers

Sensei's Advice
Two Step
Grappling Hook

Safe Attacking
Fox Viper
Fox Primus
Morningstar Flagbearer
Savior Monk


Aged Sensei
Nimble Fencer 2/3

Tech 0 card(s)
Get Paid + float - ($13)
Two step Barbarian + Bird - ($11)
Sensei's Advice Barbarian + Grappler - ($10)
max Grave - ($8)
Hook Insurance Agent to Elite
1/1 bird pings Elite
Grave kills SQL and sparkshots Elite to death, then throws his sword to the second Insurance Agent
Rook + River + Grappler + dancing bird + super Barbarian deal 2+3+4+3+9=21 to your base


If the draws had worked out more in my favor, I could have crushed you, but it was only because you managed to apply so much pressure that it was possible for the draws to not work out in my favor. GG WP. @zhavier