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[CAWS18] flagrantangles [Bashing]/Fire/Peace vs thehug0naut [Feral]/Present/Blood


How is the Overeager Cadet able to attack? He doesn’t have haste.


True! Stealing them does not give them haste the way kidnapping does!

Let’s see if @thehug0naut can find another way.


Oopst, clearly I forgot how haste works in this game :sweat_smile:

Apologies to you @flagrantangles for claiming a win with a no good turn.

I found another way using a different blood unit beginning with O - that maintains the style points right? I amended it above for you and @zhavier to confirm. I’m 99% sure that this time I have a legit win, though I was similarly sure last time :joy:

(Note: I didn’t redraw my Hyperion cards as I didn’t need either of them in the line I used. Hope that’s ok.)


Yup, that’s a win. Well done!