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[CAWS18] Dreamfire [Strength]/Blood/Future vs Marto [Discipline]/Strength/Finesse


imo you messed up T8.
Even with your tech+hand, you could have: drakk 11->9, Void star1 kills scav, overpower to rook, drakk lv3, nest falls.
void star2 6->1 gets haste+frenzy, kills bird tech and overpowers to kill grapller too.


Can’t overpower to Rook while tech bird is still patrolling.


yeah, my bad. bow


GG !

I can’t believe I managed to survive this. Some bad choices from early game burdened me until the very end. Thankfully you never managed to hasten an Xenostalker when half my board had 1hp… I wonder though, why not teching Hives ? When you read my notes, you’ll see that pretty much EVERY turn I was so worried of it. I have like no way to deal with stingers OR hive, and they are far harder to block than a single Void Star.

Side note: I also thought Thunderclap worked on fliers… I just noticed it didn’t right now, while reading your thoughts ! And I completely overlooked unphase, until MM let me see it. For some reason, I consider Vir able to cast Assimilate only… I feel very lucky now that I look back to several situations…


Yeah I was looking forward to killing stuff all over with Xenostalker, but on the two relevant turns you didn’t have any non-flying patrollers :man_shrugging:
I generally prefer Void Stars over Hives with this codex because they can be hasted. In this particular matchup I didn’t even consider Hives because your codex has imo two of the best answers to Hive in Discord and DeGrey.