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[Casual] tie [MonoPurple] vs elspood [MonoGreen]




Get Paid - ($4)
Worker - ($3)
Play Plasmodium - ($1)

Float ($1)
Discard 3, draw 5

Board Info:
In Patrol:

  • :psblueshield: Squad Leader:
  • :psfist: Elite:
  • :ps_: Scavenger:
  • :pschip: Technician:
  • :target: Lookout:

In Play:

  • Plasmodium (4/4) (3 fade)


  • :heart: Base HP: 20

Economy Info:

  • Hand: 5
  • Deck: 0
  • Disc: 3


  • Gold: 1
  • Workers: 5

Adding tokens to cards in parens


Two names I haven’t seen before! Welcome @tie and @elspood, have a great time and please feel free to tag me if you have any trouble or would like an outside opinion, gl hf to you both!


Thanks @FrozenStorm! We’re just waiting on moderation so my friend can post on the forums. Been playing over email in the meantime :slight_smile:


I did that with my brother for awhile, nice the game is async and thus pbf is possible!