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[Casual] Shamusj [Disease] / Law / Discipline vs Legion [Finesse] /Balance/Growth


also i do not see sickness in ur last hand, plus it was impossible to have since u used them both the urn before and u did not reshuffle :confused:


I had two draws, one from technician, and one from Gorgon, so I used the draw 1 card function twice


plus on turn 5 u used them both, and being low hand afaik u did not reshuffle until t7.
I’m just saying that i do not get how u could get a sickness without reshuffling :confused:
on your t6 next hand is listed as PBR, sparring and haunt. so i suppose u drew deteriorate and spreading P, not sickness :confounded:


Indeed, I made some errors and rolled back so I must have had two windows open with two different versions. I’m getting better at using the spreadsheet now though.

Either way, there’s no way I could have beaten the MOLAC.

I’ll start a new game today when I decide on the spec.

Are you happy to keep the same spec to help me learn?


yes, ofc mate! it’s for fun!