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[Casual] Multiplayer Codex Game TABLE TALK


I keep telling people I am not scary, I have no haste :frowning:


I only went after you that turn because you built a Tower and I didn’t want you to Assimilate my School.


Well done to @Dreamfire


Pretty sure your huge attack is the reason I could do nothing to stop dreamfires gunships :stuck_out_tongue:

GG! Well played, seemed to me everyone still had a chance far longer than usual.

Also, it is still hilarious to me that lending patrollers seemed inconceivable during this game.


Who’s up for round 3?


I’ll pass for now, but feel free to continue :smiley:
I can only take so much FFA shenanigans at a time.


A bunch of things came together to give me that win: Bob’s Bugblatter bringing Shadow down to 14, Shadow having no obliterable guys, Nekoatl bringing you down from 19, nobody killing my 1 HP Zane… Feels almost providential :innocent:

I think I too need a break from FFA for a bit. But is anyone game for a new MMM series?


I just wanted to Ninja in secrecy. Would it have helped if I warned you not to build Towers?

Also, congrats Dreamfire! And I am interested in playing another FFA, though I want to change my build.


I was trying to discourage, as it seemed absolutely everyone else wanted to use stealth.


I wonder how many people are going to use Truth/Discipline next game :wink: Sign me up if another happens, I need to rethink this build.


Thread for new game