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[Casual] Multiplayer Codex Game TABLE TALK


Wow, overpower is OP in FFA.


Ignore me with the flying beam of death… Its more that Flying + Overpower is OP, but this just highlights it… I didn’t actually want to highlight this yet, but desperate times calls for desperate measures. The ability to kill Flying units for free/avoid AntiAir Patrollers by killing small ground units is very useful…


I think this is the longest lasting ffa game that’s been played so far, well done everybody!


My suspicion is someone will end it before I get another turn.


Heh, I wasn’t going to train the Plague Spitters in the Ninja arts. For one thing, fliers make terrible patrollers, and for another, there’s no way those assassins-in-training would tolerate the stench.


You should tell the ninjas they will have to deal with worse stench when they get put on latrine duty for insubordination.


That’s only if anyone can figure out which Ninjas were responsible.


Oh, almost didn’t notice, the last tech 3 was built.


Btw, I can understand why zhavier would be worried about me, but I actually think Shadow is going to win. Without Entangling Vines or a heaping helping of -1/-1 runes, those Immortals make him nigh invulnerable, and a hasty Void Ray or two could wipe someone out with no warning. Besides, the way things are going, zhavier’s just going to steal my Den and make his own Ninjas.


I was worried about Shadow too, until I remembered he has the lowest base HP by a fair margin. So while he could break any one of our bases with a hasted 2nd Void Star (or a Nebula), he can’t afford to win just yet.

I’m definitely worried about zhavier too, though.


I think you overestimate my chances.


Ignoring the fact that two hasted buffed void stars is 22 gold (if nothing is on the field), that could be a good win yes. Also I don’t have a void star right now because Sac the weak is a good card.


You don’t need to convince me, I’m not the one worried about you :wink:


In a FFA game, spending $22 in one turn is actually doable, though. :laughing:


and you also only need 1 void star in hand to make it happen, still need 2 Now! s, though.


Its really annoying always being the person after Bob and having to take damage to deal with his bugblatters, and thats even with just killing it first.


You know you don’t always have to kill it =b


@Nekoatl @zhavier, I just realised I made a mistake with my turn, my deck has been mucked up (somehow got 2 nullcraft instead of a void star, one sec while I determine where and what is wrong)


@Nekoatl, fixed now, I kept the changes to a minimum (just changed to the nullcraft I didn’t actually have in hand to a unit I did).

@zhavier, sorry for the mistake (again), don’t really know how this one happened, looking at my revision history, I had a random whole page change and this was the only real difference, but was after my turn was posted to the forums, so its wierd.


No changes from me.