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[Casual] Multiplayer Codex Game TABLE TALK


Well, I was 1 gold off Overpowering that Dragon to death, but pillage is a cruel mistress. I’ve done my best to not die while giving a shot at killing that blasted dragon


Would have been easier to kill the dragon if you had killed the bombaster in SQL.


Are you saying you’ll kill the Dragon if I kill the Bombaster?


my 1/1 bird is not up to the task.


With that 2 damage to the Dragon, I can trade my Plague Spitter for it, but that would leave me uncomfortably weak on defenses. If you guys want me to do it, I need promises from @Shadow_Night_Black @Dreamfire and @zhavier to not attack me on your next turn.


I wouldn’t trust that kind of promise coming from the others, so I’ll save you any doubt: I don’t promise not to attack you (with anything other than my Steam Tank).


My policy on promises in FFA games is to trust them from anyone who hasn’t yet broken one they’ve made to me.

Edit: But, I get what you’re saying. Fair enough.


You can also ask someone to lend a patroller. It’s still a promise but you only have to trust one person instead of 3


True, but that would be asking quite a bit more of someone, as it would require them to compromise their own defenses. I wouldn’t feel right asking for that when no one has a major advantage or disadvantage.


This fight seems to have taken to the air. My birds were just target practice, but you all just went for the big flyers.


You know what they say, fight flier with flier.


You probably should have put more things in patrol, nekoatl…


Yeah, I was just thinking that.


@zhavier, would have been more useful for you to vines the Dragon, as that not attacking is not a threat, and my void star could kill the Jade Mistress, while Jade Mistress is still a problem while not attacking.


Dragon has resist 3, hard to vines


I don’t even know who is a threat to anyone anymore, it’s all chaos and everything is terrifying…

BTW @Bob199 have the last two cinder dragon spells been from Codex/Hand?


Codex, hence the fat deck


Thx @zhavier, instead of your bird, your elemental fries instead


Bob, I thought your principle was to not attack people that dont attack you.

Here’s hoping someone kills that dragon. Cause it’s definitely not me.


It is, but if we want to keep playing, Arg needed to die