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[Casual] Multiplayer Codex Game TABLE TALK


When everyone’s updated their turn, lmk so I can continue


I would have suggested just skipping the worker and drawing another card, but sure. It would have also prevented the foreknowledge problem, but we will go with retaking turns.


I’ll have to rework my turn, but with my Glaxx dead and shadow having a dance party, perhaps @dreamfire, you’d be able to kill river, turn off the music?


@zhavier I’ve been waiting for you to redo your turn, before I redo mine. I’ll tell you what, though - if you leave my Centaur alive, I’ll use him to get rid of River.


Waiting intensifies…


Yea well, there wasn’t a better target.

After all that my patrol changes and I had to redraw with an extra card in my discard.


Just saying, my Panda was down to 1 HP too…

I redid my turn and also had to redraw.

@Bob199 all done with updates, let the slaughter resume!


And river was down to 2hp, so panda cold have done the job.


@Shadow_Night_Black your base is marked at 20, should be 18.


@Dreamfire If I let your Steam Tank live, do you promise not to attack me with it (until it dies and is replayed)?


Sounds fair. I’m pretty far from going for bases anyway, seeing as I’m second to last in base health.


@dreamfire seems to me breaking the pass just makes Bob’s life easier, you playing to help Bob?


To be honest, I was expecting a pirate gang instead of a dragon. And it didn’t seem fair that all of us except for you would be taking base damage from exploding pirates. I just want a level playing field.


Damn that pillage makes me one gold short of what I want to do, can anyone deal with that dragon btw? @Bob199 the pillage on me also gets you a gold from killing my 0/0 glax that dies when my gold goes


I’m looking at a reshuffle, so there’s a very slim chance I might redraw Sacrifice the Weak on my Surplus draw, but don’t count on it.


An alternate view would be that bob would be forced to target me to win with direct attacks, now Bob can just kill shadow and win.


Figured that the -1/-1 counters would be the reason for the death, and thus @Nekoatl would get it


Unless you do so beforehand :menelker:


Also true. @Shadow_Night_Black make sure you patrol with more than one guy, to prevent a Dinosized Rook from walking by and punching your base to rubble.


If an enemy unit dies for any reason you get a 1g bounty.

There is no reasoning involved.