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[Casual] Multiplayer Codex Game TABLE TALK


@Nekoatl Gemscout has resist 1, so that cancels out the bounty you get for him.


Oh, right… aww… I’ll leave it alive then.


So, Blood, Present, and Ninjutsu. Nothing scary there, sheesh. All crazy hasty damage, so clearly, Dreamfire will add anarchy to the mix to really drive home the everyone has great hasty options plan. (except me)


Also, dreamfire was not my first choice for base damage, but it was literally the only safe base to hit.


Which would you rather have, SCV or TCN bonus?


Scav bonus, but alas, Jaina was tackled at the last minute.


So much for free farming =/


@Nekoatl Btw your shurikens also shanked my owl, netting you +1G


… Thats Evil!!!


That was hilariously evil.

@nekoatl, you didn’t pay enough to level orpal to lvl 6. He as level 1, and it looked like you only paid 3 instead of 5.

Also, please make sure you actually tag the people whose units are affected.


@shadow_night_black you didn’t pay enough for your immortal.


“When an opposing hero dies, your hero levels up twice for free if it’s in play.” (p.3)

Doesn’t say you have to actually be the one to kill it, so when Jaina died, Garth became level 3. :wink:


Err, only one hero levels up per hero death, though. And that was Bigby (I chose since I was the active player).

And btw, you missed a bounty for Bob’s Gemscout Owl <- ignore this, it’s wrong


No he didn’t, shuriken hail costs 1, and he got 3g bounty, net 2g.


You’re right, I was looking at the rules for a 1 hero game. I’ll subtract $2 to compensate.


Stealing a bird gold, RUDE! :stuck_out_tongue:


Your base is at 19, not 20


Ahh damn, forgot they cost 6 since I never normally actaully play them, fixing now.

This is gonna be a pretty major rework, is proabbly gonna need people to retake their turn, I apologise for not noticing/fixing this sooner, sorry :anguished:


@Bob199, @zhavier, @Dreamfire, @Nekoatl, Sorry turn is fixed now might want to retake your turn! would recommend posting here when your turns are done, sorry for the mistake :frowning:


I probably wouldn’t have plagued you without an Immortal, but for simplicity’s sake I’ll just retarget to your Nullcraft.