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[Casual] FrozenStorm (MonoGreen) vs NopetheBard (MonoPurple)



Manufactured truth
Spectral aven
Spectral roc
Workers manufactured truth
Tech liberty griffin and elite training

Get paid and float ($10)
Worker ($9)
Scribe ($7) i draw a card
Maxband Onimaru ($0).
Summon 3 token soldiers.
Squad leader: Brave Knight
Elite: token soldier
Scavenger: token soldier
Technician: token soldier
Lookout: scribe
In play: Onimaru, overeager cadet*, and reputable newsman
10 workers
Base: 20
Tech 1: 5
Tech 2 truth: 3
Tower: 4
Hand: 5
Deck: 3
Discard: 0
You can’t grappling hook patrollers into empty patrol slots if there AREN’T empty patrol slots.

this is only 5 attack, again against 6+1armor. Is something else (BK or Oni) attacking to crumble rook? or would you rather keep them alive?

Also I killed Joey last turn… so he isn’t available to attack, and you should have drawn 1 for his death

Nervermind the suicide charge then.

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Game 4, Player 2, Turn 6

P1 Blue vs P2 White

Starting Hand

Sparring Partner
Grappling Hook
Glorious Ninja

Events of Turn:


  • Get Gold (10)
  • elect to Tech 2 cards in (except for turn 1)
All Teched Cards

Fox’s Den Students x2
Porcupine, Glorious Ninja
Earthquake, Glorious Ninja
Sparring Partner x2
Bird’s Nest x2


  • Birds ping tower and tech1
  • Earthquake, all your buildings collapse, your base to 14 (5)
  • Glorious Ninja, swiftly strikes down BK (0)
  • Setsuki swiftly strikes down Scribe
  • Aged Sensei safely kills scav Soldier, you get 1g
  • Sparring Partner gets Rook buff

Morningstar Flagbearer, Bird’s Nest, Savior Monk, Fox Viper, Fox Primus

  • :pspurpleshield: Patrol as below
  • Discard 3 rs Draw 5
  • Tech 2 cards before my next turn

Board Info:


  • :heart: Base HP: 20
  • Tech 1 HP: 5
  • Tech2 HP: 5 NINJUTSU
  • Tech3 HP: 5

In Patrol:

  • :psblueshield: Squad Leader: Rook (5/6+1armor lvl 8)
  • :psfist: Elite:
  • :pspig: Scavenger:
  • :exhaust: Technician:
  • :target: Lookout:

In Play:

  • Tweetie Bird (1/1)
  • Big Bird (1/1)
  • Aged Sensei (1/1)
  • Sparring Partner (2/2)
  • Glorious Ninja (4/3)
  • Setsuki (3/4 lvl 6)
  • Bird’s Nest
  • Safe Attacking

Economy Info:


  • Hand: 5
  • Deck: 5
  • Disc: 0


  • Gold: 0
  • Workers: 10

End of Turn Hand

Fox's Den Students
Glorious Ninja

End of Turn Discard
My Thoughts

Locked on maxband Oni while I have an enormous board, this should be GG

GG, FrozenStorm.

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GG WP. I’m curious why you didn’t Jurisdiction for Free Speech, and then kill Rook, on turn 5

I didn’t realize I could do that. Free Speech negates Two Lives.

I forgot the part about negating abilities

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Indeed! You also don’t need the hero that normally casts the spell out, so you could have still brought Oni out. You would have had to suicide Bigby to do it, and it’s possible I would still win out, but it certainly would have severely crippled my offensive capabilities, and bought you a good deal of space to go to tech 3 (where Truth’s primary win condition lies)

It simply didn’t occur to me as an option.

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Free Speech is insanely useful for that very abilitiy. No Zane Haste, no Garth fetch on maxband, No Drakk Frenzy or Haste, no Sparkshot, Readiness, Two Lives, Sword runes from Grave, Swift Strike, Invisibility from Vandy, etc etc… Very powerful

I’ve underestimated it.

Want to play again?

Sure thing, I’ll take a turn 1 tomorrow or later tonight! Same decks or switch it up?

Mono black for me. I rolled a 73. Play what you wish it be.

By the way, I saw that there is a deck called “nightmare.” What specs make up that deck? I’m mostly just curious.

It’s just black but swap out Disease for Finesse.

Indeed, It is [Demon]/Necro/Finesse. I think Dreamfire or Zhavier coined the name for the deck when I was playing it and finding a lot of tournament success. It has a lot of different win conditions, the easiest being Graveyard + Finesse Tech 2. Combined with Garth to fetch a Grounded Guide or Maestro, buffed / free fencers from Graveyard and Dark Pact to bring Star-Crossed Starlet to join is very oppressive. You can also run usual Demon or Necro gameplans (Metamorphosis, Gargoyles + two-step, Zarramonde, Lich’s Bargain + Bone Collectors, etc), and some crazy T0 Vandy + River shenanigans (Dark Pact + Harmony + Discord / Two Step early on is nasssty)

Main weakness of the deck is no upgrade removal.

The only other decks people have an alternative name for, AFAIK, are:

420 Blazeit - This refers to a [White]/Peace/Finesse deck that has a gimmick infinite combo. You run Peace Tech2, and work towards getting 2x Drill Sergeant + Maxband River, then getting Smoker in hand. River plays smoker for free, and one of the DS can target Smoker with a buff rune to send it back to hand. Thus, infinite +1/1 runes for units. Usually Strength is the White choice, for Birds Nest

Miracle Grow - what I started calling Anarchy/Strength/Growth. Main win condition is Might of Leaf and Claw, activated by Zane, Surprise Attack, and just red starter deck stuff in general (not to mention Birds from Bird’s Nest). Also operates well on Blooming Ancients, Strength T2 + Arg buffs, or Anarchy T3, in case the opponent doesn’t have upgrade removal (many decks don’t!)

In that case, Nightmare for me.

Fun fun fun :slight_smile: I’ll play Mono Red, seeing as that is the only mono we haven’t played yet. I rolled 46, go ahead and kick us off!

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