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Blue vs Black box


just changing dark pact to 1 feels like a pretty strong nerf to vandy. But I do know Vandy is very strong, I just don’t want to have some huge overcorrection. There are 19 other heroes to balance against, and just bringing down the nerfhammer on Vandy might cause more problems than it fixes.


Broadly speaking, I feel like it’s safer to err on the side of caution with this stuff — having one option that is way too good is far worse for the long-term life of a competitive game than having one option that is way too bad.


I played Mono-Blue in most of my games and my feeling is that they don’t have answer to hero-based strategies. I mean, Free Speech costs 1 card and just delays the thing…

I’d bet giving Deathtouch to one unit or changing General Hammer, Dreamscape or Jurisdiction for real good anti-hero spells could do the thing.
Or making Law Tech II units affect heroes… Or something with Porkhand Magistrate.

I think that Black starter is really OP too. Most factions don’t have any answer to Thieving Imp for example ! StW should not affect Tech III units too.

IMO each color should have an option to deal with heroes and something to earn card advantage (like Brave Knight, Graveyard or Scribe, before getting an Ultimate Spell).


Necro-ing this thread just to suggest something that occured to me. @nekoatl suggested reworking Lawful Search to be an upgrade as part of the problem for blue is knowing whether a hero is actually safe to play.

Would it help to slightly buff lawful search so that it could be cast by administrators aswell as heroes? Makes sense flavour wise too, which I extra like.

Edit: I should actually read the full thread of MMM before posting. @hobusu already suggested this - clearly great minds thinks alike! :wink: