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Black Balance Testing (Frozenstorm v zhavier)


Not enough though, cause even if I got injunction and free speech in hand, I can’t actually do both, and don’t have anything to throw out anyway. This would actually be a kinda clutch spot to have jurisdiction, as it has at least the chance of keeping my tech 1 up if i could cast both spells. Then again, without at least 1 more blocker a hooded would likely break my line and leave me in the same spot as before.



Apologies for being 10 days to reply, work has been hectic lately…

GG WP! Perhaps I overestimated the 1/1’s impact, it definitely feels like it buys the Peace T2 and Truth T2/3 plans much better space to set up in the early game (and perhaps is too strong for the likes of Green to deal with!) but Vandy’s bully start is still hellish on even a level up from Cala + Prospector or Grave + Sensei, which are already strong starts.

Do you feel like this is worth exploring further, or do you want to try a different wrinkle?


I’ll try a different wrinkle. Want to try anything specific?


No big preferences here


I’d like to see how oppressive changing building inspector would be. Instead of a tax on you, giving me a discount to the first building I build each turn. Free Tech 1, cheap tower, seems crazy, but hey, isn’t that the idea?

We will keep the deteriorate change too.

You start :slight_smile:


Woah, a bureaucrat who actually helps you??


Yea, maybe the flavor doesnt really work, but part of my thought process here is that only Arrest in the blue starter actually has any immediate impact, and even then, its only a stall. Most of the other starters have something that needs to be dealt with immediately or that gets played and has an immediate detriment to the opponent.

As a theme, blue is supposed to move slowly and build up threats or set up combos. Against black specifically, there are always easy answers to disrupt the combos, most notably, just keeping the blue board clear. Blue should be able to put up cheap defenders that are actually good at surviving, which on paper seems to be the design, given that the overall attack value of the blue starter is super low. The problem with having low attack values and high health, for 1, is sacrifice the weak. For another, defenders that don’t wear down the attackers just mean the opponent builds a board while you have nothing.

As someone once said, Tower is the secret 11th card of the blue starter, and its because of the super low atack values of the starter. Based on that, some defensive attack bonus would be appropriate, something like the ironbark treant but with a bonus to attack values.


Just call him “Crooked Contractor” instead of “Building Inspector” :wink:

I will start a game later today, I’m trying out a Porky change with NekoAtl as well