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Black Balance Testing (Bomber678 vs Zhavier)


@Bomber678 curious why you didn’t Newsman into Free Speech, instead of Eyes. Eyes is a good long-term solution once you can afford it, but you kind of need to free-speech chain until you have bodies that can go toe-to-toe with Demon Vandy (like Tiger or DS-runed Cadets)


Yea, I dunno, I had him in a bad spot, even free speech just meant I would spend turns boosting my Demons again and again with the labs. I was surprised by Eyes, but I do think Free speech would ahve worked out better.

We can switch sides of the matchup if you would like.


Well I didn’t know if Free Speech would come up from the Newsman, and I had no knowledge of his hand. I decided to at least put a detector on the board, which also gains hand knowledge, and go from there.
It was rather unfortunate that his Imp discarded my Drill Sergeant. The whole turn would’ve been quite different.


But basically, I lost the game on turn 4.


What did you do on turn 4 that lost the game? Or do you mean my play on turn 4?


Oh oops I meant turn 5. When I didn’t build a tower.


No, T4 was when you wanted to build the tower. You would have done that instead of making a worker and playing Building Inspector, I think?


Ok yeah, I lost on that turn.