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Autocard Anywhere Migration


So it looks like Autocard Anywhere has migrated from to codexcarddb, which is awesome!

However, the migration has broken the hover-over image preview (since the links are to the card’s page, and not the card image itself) :frowning:

Does anyone know who is maintaining this or how I could fix it?


I was actually the one who reached out to get Auto card updated to codexcarddb. I didn’t notice the hover error. He had said it was difficult to get the card image the way codexcarddb was set up.

Listed contact info at Auto card anywhere’s site is:
Stephen McIntosh


I would suggest that codexcarddb needs to be fixed to make referencing the image easier, first.


I guess we should let @LK4O4 know about this, then?


Sorry, but I have no idea what Autocard Anywhere is or what the issue in Codex DB is that’s preventing things from working. Can someone explain things a little more clearly?


Well, currently, the part that appears to not be working is the URL for card images of most cards. I am not sure why the some images are working, brief testing, only reputable newsman seemed to be working for me. I was not exhaustive however…

Autocard Anywhere find chunks of text in the current webpage, and modifies them to show an image when you hover over them, and turns the name into a link so when it is clicked on, it directs to the specific card page in codexcarddb.

For Example, Reputable Newsman is turned into Reputable Newsman in theory. As well as showing the card image when you hover over the name with your mouse.

For Example:


Ideally, there would be a simple URL that directed to the image of the card, such as …/card/reputable_newsman.jpg or something


Okay, I ran a script to rename the images to names that match the URLs and stuffed them into a “renamed” folder. So Reputable Newsman would be at:

Is this the kind of thing that you’re looking for?

(As an aside, optimizing the images is one of the todo items still on my list for the Codex DB, so these renamed image URLs are intentionally not the ones currently being used on the site.)


That seems good, I’ll let the Auto card creator know.


Looks like it’s fixed! Well done guys.