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A Balanced Clash: Round 2 - Signups Open!


Welp, I’m out of Persephone’s Pick Your Poison: Arsenic, so it’s time to start thinking about another tournament! It’s going to be my birthday soon, so as my present to myself, I’m going to run ABC again, but as a stricter variation

A Balanced Clash (ABC)

Round 2, Fight!


  • Double elimination
  • Best of 7
  • Medium timer
  • Double KO is a win for both players, unless it would cause both to win the set.
  • Counterpicks are restricted to the allowed counterpicks (see the bottom of this post)
  • Loser must pick from the allowed counterpicks. Staying in the matchup, or free-picking are not allowed this time.
  • Matches will be played weekly!
  • No EX characters (obviously)
  • The first game of the match will be picked as-if the higher seeded player had won the last match; that is the higher-seeded player picks a character, and then the lower-seed counterpicks.

Signups will be open until Saturday, May 11th at 11:59 PM UTC, with opening round conversations going out the next day. Confirm your signup, or feel free to ask any questions you may have here.

  1. vengefulpickle
  2. Nopethebard
  3. Niijima-san
  4. CarpeGuitarrem
  5. Legion
  6. ArthurWynne
  7. mysticjuicer
  8. CKR
  9. Caralad
  10. Flagrantangles
  11. Xiba
  12. Fluffiness
  13. Ivan
  14. Baelnor

Allowed Counterpicks

(These are selected as the top 5 most balanced non-mirror matchups for each character)

Character Counterpick
:argagarg: :geiger: :persephone: :troq: :menelker: :setsuki:
:bbb: :menelker: :valerie: :setsuki: :lum: :vendetta:
:degrey: :persephone: :geiger: :grave: :quince: :argagarg:
:geiger: :degrey: :argagarg: :lum: :setsuki: :gwen:
:gloria: :lum: :onimaru: :menelker: :valerie: :persephone:
:grave: :onimaru: :menelker: :troq: :degrey: :jaina:
:gwen: :vendetta: :geiger: :gloria: :jaina: :menelker:
:jaina: :quince: :grave: :gwen: :bbb: :midori:
:lum: :gloria: :midori: :geiger: :troq: :zane:
:menelker: :grave: :persephone: :bbb: :midori: :gloria:
:midori: :troq: :lum: :menelker: :onimaru: :setsuki:
:onimaru: :grave: :gloria: :midori: :quince: :zane:
:persephone: :degrey: :menelker: :quince: :argagarg: :vendetta:
:quince: :valerie: :setsuki: :persephone: :jaina: :onimaru:
:rook: :setsuki: :troq: :vendetta: :grave: :onimaru:
:setsuki: :rook: :quince: :bbb: :midori: :geiger:
:troq: :midori: :rook: :grave: :vendetta: :argagarg:
:valerie: :quince: :bbb: :zane: :menelker: :gloria:
:vendetta: :gwen: :troq: :rook: :zane: :persephone:
:zane: :valerie: :vendetta: :lum: :onimaru: :degrey:


Hat tip to @Niijima-san for the push towards this altered variation.


Alright I’m in.


Hey, don’t name drop me unless it’s a success first! Also it’d be pretty bad form for me not to enter this so I’m in.


Hooray for another tournament!


Lemme at em! I’m suddenly in the mood to Yomi more.


Four people in five hours is good.


let me get this straight: player 1 declares his char, P2 chooses a cp. If P2 wins, lets say with arg, P1 must pick his cp among the listed arg’s cps, right?


Exactly. Grr, ten chars


i’d like to partecipate ^^


This should be interesting. I’m in!


Sure, count me in!


Also, a very happy upcoming birthday! :birthday:


Time for tea (Exactly 10 character catchphrase, Mercyful Fate was ahead of his time) In.

Edit: Paging @Bob199. I have the feeling you are bored of the current meta. I think this format is perfect for you. I hope you are still around to see this.


Legions in? Fuck yeah, sign me up too.


I’ll try it out again and hope I do better than last time!


i will prolly get rekt, so you’ll surely perform better tha me :joy:





Oh Legion is back!
I’m in!


Maybe a different format of Yomi where people can’t just mash Zane at me will be fun. Or at least not rage-inducingly tilting.