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A Balanced Clash: 1st of it's Name - In Progress!


Not all of Zane’s CPs have Zane in their CP pool, my friend. In fact only three characters (including Zane) have Zane in their pool at all.

Fixed for poor grammar.


I don’t understand what that has to do with the scenario where CKR gets to pick first. If he loses, he can just rematch, staying Zane. If he wins, he gets to keep playing Zane.

Right now he gets to play Zane in half of the scenarios, and under the new format it would be either 100% or 0%, depending on whether he picks the character or his opponent does at the start of the set.


Mmm… That’s a good point. You’d need to remove the rematch option in order to be able to force your opponent off a character.


Yes, rematch would also not have to be an option. I don’t understand why it is anyway (which is why I completely didn’t consider it to be an option), but then again I don’t understand the point of this whole format the way it is being run.


The way of the madman


mastrblastr 4 - 1 @CKR
:onimaru: < :zane: got stomped early game, pulled it KIND of closish(got him to the dreaded 21, 2 combats), lost.
:troq: > :midori: The actual perfect, featuring a BU and a hand that had 6 dodges in it and I dodged precisely 0 times
:onimaru: > :zane: went really aggressive with a terrible hand that felt I couldn’t afford to try out of it. Hit a 3 crossup on KD, played face cards raw very early. Changed the tone our games had been.
:onimaru: > :zane: had an insane hand. went 5 Q x 5 5 K+(FA) 10 on KD 5 game.
:onimaru: > :zane: semi rough early game. Blocked a crash bomb K him while he was KD FA beats his AA was an extremely good feeling closed it out shortly after.

Great games CKR, I had some really strong draws and I don’t care what anyone says this MU is complete butt for Zane, you just happen to play it incredibly well.
Thanks to @vengefulpickle for hosting all these awesome tournaments and shoutout to @Fivec inadvertently getting me playing again.


I was outclassed today. I think my patience was lacking. I had some awkward hands, but I did not allow myself the time to build a decent hand. It did not help matters that your Ghost of Guard Crush Past was in my head. 2nd place is pretty good. You deserve the first place finish. Well played.


A hearty congratulations to our first ABC champion, @mastrblastr, fresh out of retirement!

Thank you all for joining me in this experimental format. I feel like it went well, and would definitely run it again. If you have suggestions on improvements, I’m all ears!

EDIT: I kind of want to use the IYL badge that I came up with a couple of years ago when I first ran IYL to make Tournament Champion images for the various tournaments that I’ve run/will run… But graphics takes so much time…


Big Orange :sparkling_heart: