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A Balanced Clash: 1st of it's Name - In Progress!


mysticjuicer 2 - 4 MR

:quince: :pschip: :psfist: :vendetta: quince is confused and hurt itself in its confusion
:quince: :pschip: :psfist: :vendetta: quince is confused and hurt itself in its confusion
:quince: :pschip: :psfist: :vendetta: quince is confused and hurt itself in its confusion
:quince: :psfist: :pschip: :vendetta: eyyyy! we did it
:lum: :psfist: :pschip: :bbb: nearly screwed up a guaranteed Poker Flourish checkmate
:lum: :pschip: :psfist: :menelker: did you know that Lum’s innate doesn’t work off throws???

ggs MR


mastrblastr 4 - 2 @snoc
:troq: > :vendetta: clean game easy win, had insane starting hand of JJJQKK in my first 9 cards and played them all
:vendetta: > :quince:
:vendetta: > :quince:
:vendetta: < :quince:
they kind of blurred. I had one game I won combat 5 times in a row, dealing 4 damage only each time.
One game I actually K attacked on KD instead of 3 when I didn’t have 2 and it outsped A cc @Niijima-san Also had a game with 4 straight K throws vs KD. Got wildly outplayed by jokers, they sucked up over 100 damage in these games and i didn’t go in vs bluffs a bunch of times too.
:troq: < :argagarg: got completely stomped almost checkmated twice, somehow got it down to an exact 50-50 on the last turn miraculously then lost it.
:troq: > :argagarg: block block block block K K K BU




Congrats? Not sure why I was @tted here.



CKR over @Xiba 4-1

:zane: < :onimaru:
:zane: > :onimaru:
:zane: > :onimaru:
:zane: > :onimaru:
:setsuki: > :valerie:



MR vs @Ivan


All games were incredibile tense and down to the wire.
Respect and GGs mate!


@JonnyD vs @snoc

:menelker::psfist::pschip::grave: dsd bs
:menelker::psfist::pschip::grave: dsd bs
:menelker::psfist::pschip::lum: silent dsd bs


Thanks for dealing with my scheduling and sticking with the games.


MR vs @Xiba

opening hand with 2 jokers… terrified to be BCed, I spent those ones in two turns at once. Result: 20dmg taken anyway and Mene not touched… But later we went to range

:grave::timer_clock::pschip::onimaru: my hit confirm bold TPoS was brutally blue bursted. We went on many blodge turns, digging deep into our deck. Later game, I spent my 7s to reach deckout…

A silent TPoS let me get great lifelead, but a scary comeback set us in 50-50 situation at 16hp vs 12hp, with all jokers already spent. Dodge into spark arc for lethal

(here we suspended the match for the day, due to my lack of time)
and then,

I started a little too conservative for my standard and got punished by some Val’s throws and a brutal throw into 5J++. A couple of Ks and AA evened our lives.
We went on final turn 24hp vs 20hp, 5 cards Rook side, 4 cards Val side.
I went for RA starting 8, undercutted by all in 534Q+, 23dmg (!!!), and with magic pixel, RA into Q+ for lethal. Ultra luck!

Great set Xiba, thanks for your availability to split our match into two rounds

Respect and GGs!


mastrblastr 4 - 2 @CKR
:onimaru: < :zane: started off crushed, got it to last combat, lost
:troq: > :midori: thought i was going to perfect, lost 65 in 3 combats, went to last combat, won
:lum: < :zane: down to last combat, where he has MA I have AA lethal and 2 10s in hand for lethal, die on last combat.
:troq: > :midori: took a bunch of damage, BU for my first combat win. took more damage, then 3 kings beating his TWO jokers
:onimaru: > :zane: wild game where he led off with K*KK and I blocked 3 of the 4, cruised after.
:onimaru: > :zane: thought i was going to win easily but he powered for anarchy from a low hand which was lethal after my A A A “traded” with K K 9 on wakeups. Dodged it then 9 threw for victory.

GGs @CKR those were incredibly fun games. Really reminds me how great this is.


That game 5 was the critical game. I needed to get a few blocks in and you exploited that perfectly. I think at one point, I was running out of blocks and only had a 2 or a 4. I assumed you was most likely going to lay off trying to crush me. Then, you/Oni played the perfect 5 crush. They should call that move the soul crush. It went off the rails after that (i.e. stupid hail mary Max Anarchy trickshot attempt against likely FA loaded Oni). Well played.

There is a decent chance we will play again in Grand Finals. Hopefully this story arc concludes with redemption.


@JonnyD vs @MR75

:jaina::pschip::psfist::gwen: Checkmate evasion
:jaina::pschip::psfist::gwen: rekt.
:menelker::psfist::pschip::grave: 4 early/midgame Bonecrackers and some DSD BS seals it.

JonnyD wins 4-2!

A lot of the Gwen Jaina games blur together, but they were all great. A lot closer than our first set in this tourney.


CKR over @JonnyD 4-2

:geiger: < :menelker:
:zane: > :onimaru:
:geiger: < :menelker:
:zane: > :onimaru:
:grave: > :menelker:
:grave: > :menelker:


This was a match about treading water with Zane until I could break through with Grave (my Geiger was getting killed). Big ups to @MR75 for showing me the way to truly play Grave. Play him like a crazy man.


Ooh, we get to have the @CKR/@mastrblastr grudge match


As an aside, I can’t shake this thought from my mind. This tournament has felt like a tennis match. Every time I use Zane as my serve (my lead character selection) and have hoped that I can break my opponent’s serve (my opponents lead character selection). I know CPing is almost always the name of the game, but this format seems a bit more tilted towards the above analogy. I can’t really explain why this is the case.

Edit: I think I know the answer. Since I do not have to worry about counterpicks, I can use Zane every other time without fear of counterpicks. From now on, I shall refer to this format as Yomi Wimbledon.


Interestingly, I think that property is the one that turned @Niijima-san off of the format. I think next time I’ll run it without the free-pick rule and see how that plays out.


Absolutely. The vision of playing against Billie Zane King over there was enough to kill my joy.


How would the format work without the free pick rule? Loser can (1) CP with an allowed CP, or (2) rematch?


Yeah, exactly.

EDIT: I’m not sure if playing that way would be better, or just different. But I feel like the only way to see is to try it.


Seems like it would replace the current issue (“I can’t push a Zane player off Zane”) with a different issue (“If my opponent gets to pick Zane as a starter, I can never push him off Zane”).

Like, using CKR as an example, if he gets the set character pick, he picks Zane. Now he can play Zane for the rest of the set - if his opponent loses, they have to pick from the Zane CP pool, and if they win, then CKR can just rematch with Zane.

The only way to deny CKR Zane is to be the player that gets to pick the character who’s MUs will be played.