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2016 Year End Wrap-Up


Hi all! As you may know, I maintain a spreadsheet of tournament results which records any and all reported Yomi tournament games. Last year I put together a wrap up post for the year, of players who played the most games (overall, and with a specific character), and players who had the best game win percentages (overall, and with a specific character).

I made a bunch of arbitrary decisions when I was compiling the lists below, and I’m going to lay them out so it’s clear what I did and why.


  1. For ‘most games played’ stats, I included all events, including restricted and team events. In a first-to-four style event, if you won a set 4-2, that counts as you playing 6 games.

  2. For ‘best winrates’ stats, I excluded all restricted and team events. So if you did really great in Topanda or Best of the Rest, those results won’t be counted. In the interests of measuring people against the same standard as much as is possible, this was the ‘least bad’ solution I could come up with. All ‘in-person’ tournaments and 1v1 call-out/grudge/hype matches are tagged as restricted.

  3. For overall and character specific ‘best winrates’ I only counted people who had a certain number of qualifying games (i.e. a certain number of non-restricted, non-team games). I excluded people who had less than 50 tournament games over the course of the year, and for character specific rates, you had to have played the character in at least 15 tournament matches. These thresholds were not arrived at scientifically, or through rigorous and careful analysis; I needed thresholds to prevent the top Grave list being people who had played only a handful of Grave games.

  4. I only ended up using ‘top 5’ lists for character specific games played and winrates, rather than ‘top 10’ or more. For a lot of the cast, requiring 15 qualifying games meant that only 6 or 4 people were on the ‘top 10’ list. Similarly, for a lot of the cast, it would mean putting someone in a ‘top 10’ with a less than 25% winrate, which didn’t feel right, or kind. I know this shit is touchy enough already for some people, so I went with a blanket ‘top 5’ to avoid feel-bad situations on the character specific list.[/details]

If you have a question about anything or a suggestion of what you’d prefer to see next year, let me know in the thread!

Overall Most Games Played and Highest Winrates










































2017 Year End Wrap-Up

i love Stats like these and i think the “rules” you place on ur self in determining them sounded logical. Seeing Fivec being the ONLY player to be rank first in BOTH category was either interesting or not surprising. But seeing Jaina and Persephone Winrate stats makes me think is there somethings we are missing or can take from these numbers…

*on a side note new personal goal for 2017 getting a higher rank on the list. Which means i expect another end of the year wrap up from u juicer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh hey, I have the most games played for Val and Perse AND the lowest rank in both!

On second pass though, I’m pretty happy about my Grave.


some of us didn’t get a high enough winrate to be in the top 5


Positive winrate with mono rook

The dream


ryker best jaina


Thanks @LK4O4 for pointing out that the Gwen stats are just copies of the Gloria stats. I messed up - will correct shortly.

Correction has been made.


I’m really happy with my Quince winrate after repping him in 71 games. :psfist:

Pretty funny that I went from starting out the game as a Menelker main to barely playing him in 2016. I’ve moved on to top tier characters Kappa


DmD showing us scrubs how to :gwen:


I managed to not-rank in winrate as the most frequent player of Zane. (Also Onimaru but that’s less egregious)

Here’s to improvement in 2017!


With rare exception, the more you main a specific character no matter the match-up, the worse your overall winrate will be.


I find it amusing that I had 25 opportunities to punch people in the face with a sword (:chibionimaru:) and cashed in on a little over half of that.

Inversely, it disappoints me that I had the 3rd most games played as the one true waifu (:chibigwen:) and didn’t even place in the top 5.


4th place Arg while being the player who plays Arg the most would like to have a word with you :stuck_out_tongue:

That being said, I think 19XX really helped Arg’s winrates overall last year.


“with rare exception”


I fully intend to take top Midori playcount with bottom Midori winrate this year, and I only have to change one of my current stats to make that happen


Lol @ my 45% win rate and most games played! I want to see the 2015 numbers again, hahaha!

Grats to @ClanNatioy for being the one true eternal mentor.


from my cold dead hands


Apparently the key to Midori success is to only play 18 games with him in a year. Man, I got to play more Yomi. Stupid schedule. If only Yomi was popular enough to make a career out of it.


the race is on!


Best Rook 2016 whaaaaaa